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Your Brain on Nootropics

In this episode, I talk with the inexhaustible Mr. Noots as we discuss nootropics, and have some fun along the way.

Mr. Noots talks about his life from selling novelty test tube babies as a kid to buying his first laser to his time in the US airforce, and how the horrors of drug addiction set him down the road to become what he is today: the mind behind Nootopia.

Along the way, we talk about the importance of self-awareness in biohacking and programming states of mind to learn new skills.

But the most exciting thing we talk about this episode is what Mr. Noots has learned in his mission to uncover the secrets of better nootropics. He tells us how people never experience an optimal state of mind because they’ve only experienced a suboptimal state, and how effective nootropics make it possible to consistently achieve these optimal states again and again.

It’s an incredible, wild ride of an episode. You should all check it out. 

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