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Thriving vs Surviving

We have another great episode coming at you. This time we’re talking with holistic personal trainer and author of Finally Thriving: Your Guide to Empowered Wellness, the wonderful Allison Pelot.

A lot of people get self-care wrong. They think it’s doing what they want, and accepting the consequences without guilt. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Self-care is more than allowing a simple indulgence now and then. It’s about reflecting and learning about yourself.

As Allison puts it, it’s about parenting ourselves and taking full responsibility of our lives.

That’s why in this episode Allison and I are talking about why people are confused by self-care. And in the process, we’re going to discuss the difference between thriving and surviving, and the deeper meaning of self-care beyond the surface-level understanding the masses have.

If you’re like me and constantly looking for the deeper meaning of things, you’ll definitely want to check out this episode to get the deeper meaning behind real self-care.

Don’t miss the boat. Give it a listen now and hear Allison talk about how we can embrace real self-care in our wellness routine.

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