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The System of Addiction to Authority, Trauma, Dopamine & God

Addicted To Authority & Happy About It

To be sovereign and to be your own authority is a high responsibility that requires the utmost of self-responsibility. You can only be so accountable to yourself at a level that matches the level of your own development 

The issue is, you’ve learned to hand your accountability over to “authorities” that actually have and hold no accountability over you

If you’re ready to get more attached to the totality of reality, better understand trauma, addiction, the creation of authority & learn what the hell “immunological momentum” is – you’ll love this episode

3 moments you’ll definitely love are:

  • 11:11 to 11:35 – Smart Conformity & How It Can Change Your Life
  • 17:24 to 18:05 – Why Gamification is Killing Our Ability to Play
  • 54:56 to 55:14 – The Power of Being Alone

Authority Is Delusional

…and as such, your relationship to it is broken. The current state of “authority” is simply the formation of groups of people that use coercion and violence to create & maintain their authority over others

In Truth, no one can have authority over someone else. The thought of that is a delusion

To take it one step further; if somebody has to come in to enforce “the law”, then it cannot be a “law”… instead, it’s simply a policy or a mandate that is being upheld 

In truth, the “police” are simply policing the policies of politicians, and this places the Truth through a dishonest lens. And since there is no balanced reciprocation with these people in positions of power they have to use shame, fear, coercion, and more to keep us in line

If you enjoy this, you’ll love this full episode

Become Your Own Authority

If you don’t like something in your reality, in your experience, you have the power to change it… anything that tells you otherwise is a lie

There are 2 vital steps you can take that focus on creating both the internal state, and the external state you seek… and we dive deep into them in the guide below

Get Your Be Your Own Authority Guide to Understand the Two Vital Steps Needed To Reclaim Your Power & Take Back Control

Ronnie Landis: Speaker of Truth

Ronnie Landis is wise beyond his years. When he speaks, those who can hear would be wise to listen. A polymath, Ronnie can discuss in-depth many different aspects of the human experience & reality

Mike Bledsoe: Human Pattern Interrupt

Mike Bledsoe is an expert when it comes to asking questions that expand perspectives & realities – helping people see clearly through the clouded reality of today

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