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The Pandemic Effect – Making Sense of the Economic and Systemic Impact with Amateo Ra

The Pandemic Effect - Making Sense of the Economic and Systemic Impact with Amateo Ra

We are discussing the impacts and ripples of the pandemic from an economic standpoint. Amateo Ra is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, Creator of the Crypto Virtual Summit, and the CEO of Avant Terra. Avant Terra is a coaching, consulting and marketing firm for evolutionary entrepreneurs, businesses and blockchain technologies leading the transition.

We are discussing the impacts and ripples of the pandemic from an economic standpoint. Amateo Ra is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, Creator of the Crypto Virtual Summit, and the CEO of Avant Terra. Avant Terra is a coaching, consulting and marketing firm for evolutionary entrepreneurs, businesses and blockchain technologies leading the transition. Yes, he got his name from Burning Man.

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Making Sense of Everything That’s Happening

Mike: They should listen and what kind of information you would think that you might be able to offer that is going to be new to them.

Amateo: I have been going deep, and a lot of subject matters and I will maybe lace and context as to why. I have always been very fascinated in this start-up and economic world. I also came to realize that if I was going to reach my big visions and goals, I needed to do a crash course in what the new economy was going to look like, so that I understood what it was going to take to get there and to build what I want to create that.

I do not have some sort of licensing and economics. I am not a financial advisor. What I do right now is, I am a senior vice president of marketing for Voyager. Voyager is a crypto broker, a mobile app. I am incredibly involved in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. a world for some that feels hot, a world for others that feels like has come in, went it is it just depends on what your temperature is.

The company that I worked for was started by a bunch of seasoned executives. Many of them were involved in building and developing E-Trade, which was the digital broker space for legacy markets. I have always had an interest and why? I think people should maybe listen today and pay attention to the conversation is there is a lot of trends going on and these trends have a big impact on ourselves.

Personally. I am on we economically and I think at the end of the day, I am not an expert. You are not an expert. What we are trying to do is we are just trying to make sense of everything going on and how do we assess this minutia of data points? Because I think we could talk a little bit about economics. I think we could talk a little bit about conspiracy. There is so much going on right now to make sense of it. So how do you make sense of it? How do you understand where you, orient and a line of what to believe in all of this?

And to how do you then leverage your decisions to have skin in the game, where it matters. those things are big elements of how we are needing to navigate what is going on right now.

Mike: The sense making conversation has been something that you and I both been in for a while. It is not a common conversation for the average person. You must, you, you to even be in that conversation. You must, you must be operating from the understanding that as human beings, we are constantly making sense of everything. We are making everything mean something to us.

The meaning making machines, the meaning making machines there, there are no data points in which we don't attach a, some narrative that is tied to our own personal paths and experience, which means that the being able to objectively a study data is, is not a reality. That is not something that can be done. A lot of times people will go, all, I am, I think I am objective about something, anything.

And I am like, that’s. There is no such thing as objectivity really. unless you have experienced some level of enlightenment where your you no longer get attached to any thoughts,

Amateo: Every time that you try to make sense of data, you are always falling, into the double slit experiment of quantum mechanics. Like you are always the observer interpreting the points, trying to understand it.

Mike: And your narrative impacts the outcome and its nuts.

Testing Ideas

Mike: How do you like a peak? How do you like to test things? How often are you testing things now?

Amateo: We do a lot of market research. I love surveys. I love asking customers what they want, what they think they want, often what they think they want is not what they want. So that's always interesting. So testing, usually we go, here is my assumption. Let me survey my top assumptions. Let us see what the market says, but what they think they want. Then let us start to introduce these things.

Maybe tease them, maybe discuss them. Let us see what gets traction. Let us get clear on what they want. Let us coordinate that with what makes most sense for the business. let us find that sweet spot. That is one way that we are testing bigger things, smaller things. It is building automated communication funnels that; we are A/B testing and micro testing a bunch of different things than iterating them as we apply it to larger and larger segments. we will take a small tool will introduce an offer or an idea.

We will take another pool, we will introduce a nether on at the same offer, physician, slightly different, communicated slightly different. How does each one performed? Competing compete them against each other and move them further and further along until we can apply, that initial experiment that we think is going to get us closer to that desired outcome to a larger and larger group.

Thoughts on Crypto Market and Adoption

Mike: I know we watched the stock market take a pretty big hit or you said it's rebounding. Oil fucking takes a huge hit too and that is usually predictive of a future indicator of housing market. And we are looking at a potentially a third quarter housing market dip, which may last a long time.

What do you think about for a long time I thought that if the dollar were ever at risk that people would flood to crypto? But it seems like crypto has been following the same trend as the stock market and it does not look like people are ready to trade in the dollar. They are not you guys. People are not ready to trade in the dollar for, for crypto yet.

Amateo: To an extent, it’s like, for my understanding when we saw this initial massive sell off everywhere across all markets, without discretion, it was a lot of big institutions meaning to de-risk. There is all this risk and all these speculative assets, and they have to go immediately into protection mode and they're all racing to get the most out of their money that they can because they're panicking.

You see this initial de-risk panic across all markets, and then suddenly, we start to level off and try to find fair market value again with all these extenuating circumstances. as far as like, one Bitcoin can be very much considered a commodity, not just a currency, it probably performs better as a store value commodity than it does as a currency. Like I today I just, unless there's a bunch of side chain tech that gets built, meaning, sort of scalable solutions for Bitcoin or payment services that are all inclusive in a, in a network, we're not really going to see people buying coffee with Bitcoin.

As of right now as of right now. But what are we saying? If you try to go to a multitude of the popular online vendors for gold and silver, you will see that quality gold and silver is sold out. You must get on a wait list. And many of these companies are like trying to sell you buffalo nickels and like rough like unquality silver bars, that just looked like you pulled it right off a pirate ship.

Like it is not that you are not getting the Royal mint these days. Obviously their reserves run dry because people panic commodities. Both institutions and retail, you always got to talk about it, institutions, and retail because there are always the categories, you got the big institutions that are de-risking. You also have retail that's de-risking.

I think one thing that is important for us to always recognize is that, even though change is happening fast, we may not see the impact of it immediately. Like institutions de-risked dollar is still favored. It is still the number one global. What else are you going to do? Exactly? You are going to hold your airline stocks?

Mike: I do not think so. I do not think so.

Amateo: Are you going to rush to invest in small businesses? You are going to have flooding everything you can. You are going to sit on the sidelines hoping to find the economic opportunity. When is the right time to get back in? When is the right time to make a move? Because these kinds of big shifts are, I mean, these are big money opportunities. There is a lot of money lost, and there was a lot of money to be gained because we know that the world will never be the same. We are going to keep saying, we are not going to get back to normal. We are going to get back to abnormal. We are going to figure out what, what getting back to abnormal really means.

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