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The Little Known Powers Of Ice Baths

Ice baths have expanded into wider markets in recent years with the emergence of Wim Hof & others preaching their benefits for the masses. And yet, despite this increase in demand, affordable alternatives to cold showers, DIY bins & freezers, or freezing rivers and lakes are non-existent.

Today’s guest is revolutionizing that for the masses, using his business and expertise to make cold immersion, and all the benefits, accessible for all.

From supporting the healing from autoimmune disease and cognitive enhancement to optimal psychological states and a myriad of other health benefits, you’ll be blown away by the depth of this conversation about the power of ice baths.

3 moments you’ll love from this episode include:

  • 5:57 to 6:19 – There’s No Such Thing As Side Effects…
  • 10:17 to 10:58 – The Damage of a Society That “Manages Symptoms”
  • 27:38 to 28”05 – Inevitable Revolutions We Must All Face In Life

Existential Deaths In The Ice

Your identity is something you can play around with to create a transformational process that’s the most powerful thing you can do from a cognitive perspective loosely. Many people identify with symptoms or diseases they experience or disease to the point that getting rid of that disease becomes very difficult because you actually have to shift your identity around it.

Today’s guest calls this process the “Existential Death”, and he witnesses it in people who expose themselves to the ice and allow it to work its magic on their psychological and physical states.

This episode will go places you don’t expect it to and open your eyes to the wider world that’s formed around the “ice bath” and “cold exposure” worlds as they’ve become more common and accepted.

The Correlation Between Philosophy, Stoicism, and Cold Exposure

Listen in as Jason discusses the connection between how cold exposure can be applied in today’s society to help us get in touch with more primal aspects of our nature that the greats like Marcus Aurelius & Seneca knew thousands of years ago, to help you disconnect from the technological and man-made world of today and reconnect with yourself.

Jason Stauffer: Army Combat Veteran Turned Cold Exposure Pro

Jason’s early civilian career in for-profit pharmaceuticals gave him intimate knowledge of the pharmaceutical world so he can disrupt it and revolutionize chronic ailments facing humanity with cold expos

Mike Bledsoe: Veteran Cold Exposurist

An OG to the cold exposure and ice bath game, Mike Bledsoe has experienced many “Existential Deaths” in the ice, and has a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share on the topic

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