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The Journey to Our Identities

Stories. Ever since the days we sat around campfires & painted on cave walls – they’ve been the vehicle through which we communicate and make sense of the world & our place within it.


Society has told you stories about what is, and isn’t possible – both for the collective and for you as the individual… and you yourself tell yourself stories everyday that have formed your identity over time.


Listen is as this weeks guest takes you on a journey to discovering who you truly are, and how you got to this every moment.

You're A Meaning Maker

Things happen for you in life, not to you – and it’s your response to these things that creates the meaning as to why it happened. There is no meaning until you create the meaning & place it on the “thing” with a label and say “this is why it happened”


Now, you’ve either learned from someone or something to place specific labels on certain kinds of things – and this episode is going to help you rip them right off so you can place accurate ones on them and see them for what they really are…

…yourself included

Shining Light In Dark Places

A quickly rising voice of inspiration and leadership on our planet as a speaker, heartist, mentor, & ecopreneur, this weeks guest carries a pearl of unique, multi-disciplinary wisdom in service to an emerging culture on the planet

Luke Cohen: Bard

Luke Kohen activates soul through sound, music, spoken word, and poetry. He creates new stories for cultures to connect with that help them expand as a collective and individuals

Mike Bledsoe: Creator of Change

Mike Bledsoe is a student of life and human pattern interrupt; helping people clearly see & understand the challenges that are currently blocking them

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