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Taylor Cannizzaro: Nutrition, Science, Environmentalism and Nootropics

From clinical molecular biology scientist, to yoga instructor, to certified professional health coach, Taylor Leigh Cannizzaro is a science super-seeker. Whether the subject is nutrition, personal development, conscious communication, spirituality or health and fitness, Taylor takes complexities and delivers simple solutions that deliver results for the people she works with. Plus, her highly personable, enthusiastic, uplifting personality makes connecting with her extremely easy.

​Not only does she work with the Neurohacker Collective helping people handle overwhelm and enhance performance, she is also developing a game-changing online platform, Next Generation Lifestyle for the “sandwich generation” that gives them tools and resources to destress, lessen anxiety and get support while juggling their own lives, their parents and their children. She understands the pressure and demands you’re dealing with. Oh! And she also loves hitting the gym, transformative learning and surfing.

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