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Tait Fletcher: The Relentless Pursuit in to the Betterment of Self #38

You need your own mission statement, An armed society is a polite society, Self-interested altruism, and more.

Guest: Tait Fletcher

Tait Fletcher is an entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker, MMA athlete, coach, and Hollywood stuntman and actor. You may recognize Fletcher from Breaking Bad or HBO’s Westworld (check out his IMDb profile). He is also founder and head coach at Undisputed Fitness in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and one of the founders of Caveman Coffee.

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You need your own mission statement

If you want to find out who you really are at the core, you need to question everything. Most people cling on to an identity that just happened to them rather than create their own. It’s easier to live the default life rather than question yours.

Tait likes to question everything and develops his own mission statement each year. He leads a life by doing everything in alignment with his mission. Similarly, Joe Rogan will always tell you “I’m a comedian.” Even though Joe is known to most people as the UFC commentator and a podcast show host, he sees himself at the core as a comedian.


Live by your mission statement, but have flexibility

It’s important to have your own mission statement because it helps filter the noise and distractions. But you also need to recognize when to let go of your mission to better connect with something else.

When Tait competed in MMA, his mission was to be a fighter. Once he made the transition from fighter to pirate life, he his mind, diet, and everything else opened up.

When you think of yourself as a certain identity, you limit your possibilities. Preconceived ideas rob us from being the best version of ourselves. To process new information with a fresh mind, put away (or forget for the moment) all of your past experiences.

Tait likes to plan his days out in advance, but also makes sure to leave room for flexibility in his schedule, knowing there might be some unplanned stuff he would want to do.


Social media influencers conversion rates

There are different types of social media influencers in the market today:

  • People of no substance with millions of followers — usually good looking people who promote products they don’t believe in or use, which result in mere 1% conversion rate.
  • People of substance with smaller followings — usually people who are truly passionate about a certain industry and promote products they believe in and use themselves, which results in double digit conversion rates. Mike gets 18% conversion rate in some of his channels.


An armed society is a polite society

It’s 2017 and we’re living in a polite society, which was achieved by guns. When people don’t know who might have a gun, they act nicely.

Some of the most dangerous people in the world are also the most kind, polite and enlightened people, because they understand danger. Lethal martial artists need to be cautious if they’re fighting someone, because that someone’s safety is their responsibility or else they can cause irreversible harm and end up in prison.

“Don’t fuck with strangers… Because you have no fucking idea who knows what.” — Mike Bledsoe


Virtue signalling

Virtue signalling is when someone announces they’re good person. There’s no need to let people know you’re a good person who is against racism. You better be. Otherwise, there isn’t much room for you in society.

A ridiculous example of virtue signaling was done by the current US president, who constantly repeated during his campaign the phrase: “Believe me.” — A real leader doesn’t need to signal to others he’s their leader.


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Filter external chaos with inner peace

Our subconscious absorbs more information than our conscious can monitor, which is why every input we receive through vision, hearing or any other exposure, impacts who we are and how we operate.

We absorb information that shapes us without even knowing it

When the average person’s subconscious repetitively hears something, they start believing it’s true, even if the conscious doesn’t agree with it. This is similar to when you have the hook of a song stuck in your head, even if you don’t like the song.

So what can you do about it?

You can develop a level of awareness, through meditation or other practices, that will help you filter out more (if not all) inputs, which are not aligned with your belief system. For example: Mike limits the amount of lyrics he listens to.

“A real master of mindfulness is somebody who can go out to the chaos, and not absorb the shit. But most people go out to the shit, and they become the shit.” — Mike Bledsoe


Take responsibility for your life experience

Like other animals, we have feelings and emotions, but what sets us apart is our ability to notice emotions and take control of our thoughts. When Tait feels his emotions are run by a 6 year old, who is acting out of fear, he reminds himself that everything is ok and no one is out to hurt him.

Unfortunately, society stands behind certain ideas out of fear, and defends those ideas without trying to see the big picture. We need everybody to open up their eyes and take responsibility.

For example: waving the confederate flag has been a source of dispute. There are Caucasian people in the US who don’t see the connection between racism and the confederate flag. It’s part of their heritage and they attribute certain meaning to this flag. They may wave the flag to honor lost family members, but are also offending and disrespectful to other members of society.


Accepting others experience

When you raise your level of awareness and understand humans are all very similar, you make the world a better place. When you’re in alignment with the universe, you tend to live in greater appreciation.

Tait says he’s a searching child of god, looking for better answers, so we could have a greater result as a whole. He strives to be a steward of the information he’s learned so far, and tries to be as helpful and useful with the tools he has. He strives to be the best example of himself that he could be, and to spread hope and nourishment in others.

“I know whatever experience you’ve had, I could have that too.” — Tait Fletcher


Mike’s spiritual journey

Mike was on a spiritual journey early in life. As a teenager, he was journaling about meditation, fasting and other deprivation experiments he conducted to gain spiritual experiences. But when Mike brought it up to his friends, they laughed at him. At 15 years old, he made a switch in his mind to focus on more concrete actions and set his eyes on the Navy.

Mike grew up with the impression that drugs are bad and could ruin your life. He only consumed the legal drug — alcohol — which he later realized he was abusing.

Only when Mike was 31, he got back on his spiritual journey. The turning point was a conference which made him realize he wasn’t able to connect with his empathetic side. Mike decided to tackle his lack of empathy with psilocybin mushrooms, inspired by Tim Ferriss, which was a psychedelic experience with mushrooms that helped him slow things down and remove the filters of who he thought he was.

“A psychedelic experience speeds up what is already happening.” — Mike Bledsoe

If you try mushrooms for the first time, take into considerations what you’re trying to gain. If you’re looking to connect more with nature and people, do it in the woods during the day with a small group of people you love. If you are trying to solve some internal personal stuff, try it in the darkness to limit visual inputs.


Intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical

The four human needs or measures of wellness are: intellect, emotional, spiritual and physical. Mike sees the emotional, intellectual and physical aspects of life as one and the same. While it’s great to distinguish those aspects, it’s important to integrate them to understand how human work as a whole.

There are two levels of understanding those four dimensions: intellectually and feeling. You can get your mind to logically understand that your emotions reside in your physical body and how you feel physically impacts your emotions, which impacts your intellect. But feeling it is different. It can be achieved without substances, but psychedelics enhance the experience.


Sober in inebriation

A few weeks after Mike’s first mushroom experience, he realized he stopped drinking without much intention. Mike went from drinking every weekend, to drinking water at parties, which made him realize he was wasting his time on meaningless conversations. He felt like people were just repeating the same shit to one another.

Alcohol, ironically legal, diminishes your experience of life, whereas other illegal drugs are good at enhancing it.


Self-interested altruism

You need to experience struggle to live in appreciation. Tait experienced the concepts of appreciation through psychedelics early on in life, but was forced into sobriety early as well. Tait uses daily meditation and jiu-jitsu to put himself second, after the universe. He learned from Eddie Bravo that living in appreciation, in collusion with the universe, brings you the most money, happiness, centeredness, and alignment.

“When I lived only for self, I lived in a muted state of myself, often in conflict with society and things around me. In order for my life to be better, I need to make the life of everyone around me better. I wanna be the best I can be, so I can be more useful to those around me.” — Tait Fletcher


Small things inform big things

Tait lives with a mantra that small things inform big things. For a long time, he saw himself as a fighter first and foremost, and designed a life to bring the best fighter he could be. Everything in your life, as small (and seemingly unimportant) as how you tie your shoes in the morning, impacts your day and your connectedness with the universe.

“If I can’t trust you with the little things, how could I trust you with the big things?” — Tait Fletcher

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