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David Steel: Blockchain is Coming #68

Blockchain for the win, The world is becoming smaller and smaller, Blockchain is powerful, Blockchain is unavoidable, The future of blockchain, and more.

Guest: David Steel

David Steel is Founder and CEO of EveryoneLinked, an innovative marketing and recruiting company that partners with organizations to best optimize their strategic use of LinkedIn.

David is a LinkedIn expert, who also wrote a comprehensive book on LinkedIn as a tool for personal and professional marketing, building relationships, lead generation, and sales.

David is also a big blockchain advocate and a part of four nonprofit organizations: The Greatness Foundation, The Soul School, Conscious Humanity, and Honor Foundation. He was also Co-Founder and CEO of the US Green Chamber of Commerce.

In this episode, we dive deep into blockchain. We talk about why blockchain will shift the way the world works, why it can make everybody’s lives much better, what lies ahead in our future, and much more.



David Steel

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Who is David Steel?

David Steel is originally from Miami Beach, FL, but been living in Encinitas, CA most of his life. Prior to founding EveryoneLinked, he accumulated over 30 years of experience in business and technology. He built and managed the entire information systems network for the city of Escondido, of which he received the prestigious Smithsonian Institute Award for use of technology in city government.

David also founded and served as the CEO of the US Green Chamber of Commerce, where he led the organization in its commitment to making sustainable business practical and accessible. He strongly believe in empowering businesses to grow through achieving the triple bottom line advantage: economic, environmental, and social sustainability.

David is also part of 4 nonprofits:

  • The Greatness Foundation— “A global community creating a better world.” Led by Mike Sherbakov, The Greatness Foundation is focused on a mission to create a better world by ensuring Basic Human Needs & Quality Education for all.
  • SOUL Charter School— “School of Universal Learning.” SOUL’s Mission is to provide exceptional education that awakens individuals to know who they are, discover their passion and purpose, and thrive holistically to achieve both mental and life mastery. A charter school where kids are taught to be the CEOs of their own life, learning about mindfulness, intention, and more.
  • Conscious Humanity—A movement to shift awareness to realizing that World Peace is possible in our lifetime. Their goal is to create a peaceful world by providing time-tested research and proven teachings that are rooted in the deep understanding of the laws of Nature.
  • The Honor Foundation —A a unique transition institute created exclusively for Navy SEALs and the U.S. Special Operations community. David teaches those groups of heroes how to use LinkedIn to help create their brand and get the positions that they need as a transition from military to civilian life.


Blockchain for the win

David Steel is a big advocate of blockchain and a big focus of his company, EveryoneLinked, is to work with blockchain organizations and help them show up in the positive, impactful way.

“I really think that blockchain is going to shift the way the world works. In at least as big as way at the internet did, and possibly more.” — David Steel

David predicts that in very the near future, blockchain will change our world in many ways. The probably the most important one of them is food. We’ll be able to know exactly where our food comes from. We’ll know what was in the soil in the ground, where the seeds came from, and how they arrived at our plate.

“Blockchain can solve a lot of problems our governments haven’t solved to our satisfaction, while simultaneously creating a currency that might remove our reliance on federal reserves.” — Mike Bledsoe


Do people care what’s in their food?

For the past few hundred years, we didn’t have the resources to know where our food came from, which is why never cared where it came from. Now that we have the means, people don’t really care because of old habits. Although, the more you learn about your food supply, the more careful you’ll become. Once you figured out some places use a lot of insecticides and have issues with their levels of soil, you’ll start making better choices.

“A lot of people don’t worry about where their food came from, we never really had the ability to truly know.” — Mike Bledsoe


The world is becoming smaller and smaller

LinkedIn is a great marketplace, but it’s so much more than that. It’s especially great for creating groups and those groups can give you a lot of information about a business. You can assess companies and investment opportunities much better these days. You can see who works at what company, analyze their backgrounds and progress, and make more informed investments.

“LinkedIn has become the place where you actually go to vet people. Who is involved with this company and what were they about before.” — David Steel


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Blockchain is powerful

What’s the hype about blockchain? Well, a lot of things. Blockchain technology allows us to have a more accurate way to look at a lifecycle of any system. Blockchain allows us to track everything when it happened, and data can’t be changed. It’s there forever.

Humans have built a lot of amazing, near perfect systems, like having thousands of airplanes roam the skies simultaneously. But drones operating on blockchain technology is a whole different game. We can fly millions of drones simultaneously, perfectly, with no collisions.

There are already drones that make the world better by planting trees and monitoring agriculture. There are drones built for emergencies that can deliver medical supplies faster than ever, and even carry people from remote places that are not accessible by cars, planes or helicopters.

Blockchain will also change the whole travel industry. We’ll be able to use cryptocurrencies for all aspects of travel and use it in a great discount. Currently, 80% of the world doesn’t have access to a bank. Soon enough, a lot of people will exchange money using their mobile phones only, and we’ll be able to go to an ATM and buy cryptocurrency.

“When I think about social media for business is about creating a group or joining a group of like-minded individuals and adding value. It’s not about selling, it’s about giving.” — David Steel


Blockchain is unavoidable

There is resistance to adopting blockchain just like any new big thing. There is fear of the new unknown. Especially someone who is an expert in today’s finance is afraid of starting again as a novice in the upcoming new world’s finance, dominated by cryptocurrencies.

“Blockchain is fostering a whole new revolution of great entrepreneurs to develop systems that make the world better.” — David Steel

In the U.S. we have a lot of ease with banking, so it’s hard to see why we should adopt cryptocurrencies. In other parts of the world, people are becoming early adopters of blockchain because they don’t have a bank account, access to a stable banking option or even a stable currency. A lot of people around the world are also not going to access the internet through any other means except their mobile phone, which is another reason why they are likely to adopt cryptocurrencies.


The future of blockchain

Steem is a blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers to monetize content and grow community. Yes, you read it correctly, you can get paid for producing content. If people like what you wrote, you can earn smart tokens with near instant settlement and zero transaction fees, which can be exchanged for bitcoin or ethereum, which means you’ll be able to monetize your content to buy goods and services.

The future is even brighter! Since being unhealthy drags the rest of society, as we need to put money and resources to help sick people, imagine getting rewarded for being healthy. Imagine you can earn currency for going to the gym or eating a certain quality of food. When you take care of yourself, you are contributing to society, and you might get paid for it in the future!


Do you know what’s in your supplements?

It’s really tough to know what is actually in the supplements you are taking today. Mike knows the CEOs and creators of all supplements he uses, since he knows the quality assurance at most supplement companies is subpar. There are a bunch of companies that not only don’t use high quality ingredients, but some don’t even make sure they got the real ingredients they list on their label.


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