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Rewriting The Law

The power structures that have existed for centuries are currently being more challenged than they ever have before. You can observe it everywhere around you if you open your eyes and look…

Today’s guest sees things with more clarity, and understands the workings of the world deeper than most people I know

Listen in for a Masterclass on how history is repeating itself before your eyes and what you can do to be prepared and thrive

3 moments you’re going to love from this episode include:

  • 49:22 to 49:47 – How Governments Are Constantly Making Your “Offers” You Can Refuse
  • 1:24:00 to 1:24:39 – How “Health Care” Is Really “Sick Care”
  • 1:27:36 to 1:28:11 – The Only Education You’ll Ever Need

Time Has Changed, But Have We?

They say history repeats itself… and that’s happening before our very eyes. From the destabilization and shifting of power structures to the emergence of cryptocurrency, and the conditioning happening in society and the media

This episode is essential listening for people who want to better understand:

  1. The beginning eras of government in our existence, and how it’s grown to have a stranglehold on the many
  2. How Walt Disney created the narrative of “pay your taxes”
  3. The law, and how much power they truly have that they don’t know they have

Understand The Truth and Reclaim Your Innate Power

You have layers and layers of programming and conditioning from your past that is clouding your perspective of what’s real and true – instead, seeing and believing only what others want you to see and believe

This episode is vital for those who want to “break free” from the “mental chains” that current limit their perspective of reality & potential

Get Your 3 Core Universal Laws Guide to Understand The Powerful Natural Laws That Govern Existence And How To Align Yourself With Them

Jesse Elder: Time Piercer

One of the leading minds in the world today, Jesse continually offers thought-provoking Truths that completely bring peoples worlds crashing down around them

Mike Bledsoe: Human Pattern Interrupt

Mike Bledsoe is an expert when it comes to asking questions that expand perspectives & realities – helping people see clearly through the clouded reality of today

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