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Peter Scott on the Fearless Mindset

Peter Scott IV is the Founder of the Fearless Life Academy and Author of the #1 Bestselling book, “The Fearless Mindset”.  He is one of the top mindset mentors for high achieving entrepreneurs in the world.

Peter’s life was consumed by fear at a very young age, having to tell his Mother at 10 years old that she was no longer suitable to raise him because of her alcoholism.  And later, having to watch his Father give up on life and drink himself to death.

Since then, he has dedicated his life to empowering entrepreneurs to overcoming the fears holding them back from making the impact and the income they desire.

Peter’s journey to success has been anything but a straight line.  Starting his career in investment banking at a prestigious firm in Chicago, Peter soon realized that he was miserable and completely disconnected from his life’s purpose.

After several years of investment banking and private equity experience, Peter left his job to launch his career in the personal development industry working for a Chicago based company called Lifebook.  At Lifebook, Peter became the highest earning sales consultant in the history of the company.

Despite four successful years at Lifebook, Peter was being called to share his message with the world.  So he left the security of his paycheck behind, moved from Chicago to San Diego, and launched his own coaching business.

Peter now mentors high achieving entrepreneurs to get fit in less time, double their income and become unstoppable.

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#1 Amazon Bestselling Book: “The Fearless Mindset”

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