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Optimized Human Experience with Matt Belair

Optimized Human Experience with Matt Belair

Matt Belair has experience in fields ranging from mental fortitude, Zen, the pursuit of inner peace and positive living, martial arts, marketing, snowboarding, and travel to neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, sport psychology, life coaching, and conscious living, he is equipped to support you in whatever you aspire to achieve. He combines the mastery of past into useful ways for optimizing the human experience

Matt Belair has experience in fields ranging from mental fortitude, Zen, the pursuit of inner peace and positive living, martial arts, marketing, snowboarding, and travel to neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, sport psychology, life coaching, and conscious living, he is equipped to support you in whatever you aspire to achieve. He combines the mastery of past into useful ways for optimizing the human experience.

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Exploring The Limits Of Human Potential

Mike: Can you give my audience a quick little bio or like where you came from, and where you're, what you're currently up to?

Matt: I think for me that the easiest way to explain it is I grew up a martial artist. My dad was a martial artist. I was really interested in that. And right away I was taught mind, body, spirit, adding those elements. So at a very young age and watching Kung Fu movies and all this kind of thing, learning from Bruce Lee when I got a little bit older, watching all of the Kung Fu movies kind of teaching myself a lot. As I got older, I got into skateboarding and snowboarding and all that kind of stuff. But I started researching consciousness and altered states in my teens, incredibly young because I was meditating, and I wanted to see what was possible for me.

But I was also exploring the limits of I would say the human potential, because that was reading about yogis, Jesus Christ, astral projections and stuff like that, and Shaolin monks that can do all these amazing things. And all the research shows that it had to do with your mind. It was not just the body, it was this combination of mind, body, spirit, and all of that is important. When I finished college, not graduated, when I was finished, I am, I moved out to the mountains cause I wanted to go snowboarding.

And so, I became a professional snowboard coach and did that for about eight years in Wister, but all researching things on peak performance, mindset, consciousness, stuff like that. And then it got to a point where I wanted to travel, and I always wanted to travel and put myself in the scenarios around the best in the world. So, if I wanted to get super strong and learn about fitness, my butt would be down at The Strong Coach you know what I mean? That will be learning about a psychology, that strength and just recognizing somebody is who is a master around all these other people who have immersed themselves in the field.

You get exponentially better by doing that. And that's probably the smartest thing I've ever done in my life, is put myself in the best environments. For snowboarding, that made me a great snowboarder. The podcast, talking to amazing people, traveling the world, things like that. The most amazing people I've ever seen are Shaolin monks. I went to Nepal because I wanted to be enlightened and I meditated with Tibetan monks. I couldn't go to Tibet because it's still occupied by China. It is a whole bag of worms over there.

And then I went to the Shaolin Academy in China where one of the masters could break stone with two frigging fingers for real. And it was one of the most extraordinary experiences. I've been to Egypt with a resonance science foundation, almost 30 countries, really just exploring human potential, human history, what the actual flying F bomb is going on here. And, the limits of my own potential but also transforming humanity. Because when I look at the world, there's a lot of issues, right?

We have got famine, got poverty, we have got coronavirus, we got violence, we have got ignorance, we have got arrogance and we have got all this kind of thing. And it seems like there is a massive upgrade available for me as an individual but also as a collective to cooperate, to communicate, to make it a planet where if we had extra-terrestrial visitors would be proud of it. Right. Can you imagine an easy coming down and having to explain to them what was going on? They will be like, what are you guys doing?

Like how can you have such high intelligence over here but such low morality and ethics and conduct over here. You use your intelligence to create mass war two to create chaos. And so I feel like, there's a lot of ways that we can upgrade ourselves and our community's in the planet.

Mike: You have done what very few people have done. You went all the way and, and in a wa. The thing is, is so many people, they hit me up on Instagram and they want to know what book to read or what course to take or whatever it may be. And they want to sit in the comfort of their own home and they want to learn. But you and I both know that is the best way to learn is to go in person. There is nothing replaces in person. And I know that for traveling the world and conducting interviews and person, like we have very similar paths in that there was something that I didn't realize until I had already was in the midst of it where I'm finding the people who are the best at what they do and then spending the day with them like doing it.

There is this whole idea is when your reading a book, you might learn that the methods or the principles of a thing. We Pat ourselves on the back for learning these things. I can read, I know I can talk about this principle. But when you get in the presence of somebody who is truly mastered something, there is something that it transcends the words. There is something. There is a there way of being.

Where The Real Transmission Happens

man speaking to a crowd
Photographer: Kristina Paparo | Source: Unsplash

Mike: I was reading about magic in the last week, and symbols. There was this conversation about things being passed down from a personal person. Whereas like in the book, even if you have access to these symbols and you have access to these ideas there, that is good. There is nothing wrong with that. That is good. But if you can sit and be in the presence of a master, that is where the real transmission happens. Can you, can you speak to that?

Matt: It's a fantastic insight and there's a lot of information out there, but why that is, that's why CrossFit is so successful and why people improve so quickly is because when you go to the gym and you do one of those workouts right by yourself is less motivating. But when you see like your buddy doing it and he is just crushing it and you are like, I'm stronger than that guy, then you start crushing it more, right? And you start to improve yourself. And that is one of the fundamentals of martial arts is iron sharpens iron. The more that that guy masters himself and practices, he practices eight hours a day and you are doing two, suddenly you see the potential of what is available. But you know that he earned it in a new watch. The process, you realize there are no tricks. And because I do a lot in psychology, sports psychology, flow state, one of the biggest misconceptions that pisses me off is that, part of it is a mindset.

I can go and say someone's going to do downhill skiing because I have a, extreme sports background or they're going to try to do something impossible. I can help them shift their mindset and get prepared. But really the key is processed and earning flow state. But the time you get to that point, you leave the, earned it or not, you know what I mean? And so, when you earn it and then add those mental tools, you are really competing at the highest level possible. People kind of ignore that. But on the flip side, when we're looking at flow state and like, Mike how do I squat for a hundred?

Well, you know what I mean? That was a lot of squats. That was a lot of days. That was a lot of a different training protocols. That was a lot of learning, right? And you could shorten that curve immensely with all your knowledge, but it would not take away the work that they would need to do. Right. And so that is the, that is that kind of middle ground. So, when we are in the presence of somebody who really has the knowledge, one thing we know for sure our mirror neurons. And so when you were watching it, those mirror neurons are firing and your learning at an accelerated rate, beyond any of the other magical stuff that we might not understand yet.

Like in yoga, I think it is called transference. You see the Yogi, and the top your head, and then that can gift you enlightenment. but like I said, even on a basic level of understanding mirror neurons, and just like the four minute mile, for example, people thought it was impossible. Somebody did it. And it just broke that limit of belief and capability. And I feel like being around other masters, it forces you to accelerate in there. There is got to be all this energetic, intuitive type of thing that happens.

Anything that you compete in – the better they are, the more quicker you're going to adapt to that. We live in a very fascinating world and the people we surround ourselves with are so important, especially in critical times because you want to know who supporting you. We live in this world of masks; you know what I mean? And, and your community and your family and what people stand for are especially important. And we live in a society that is extremely competitive, very undermining, a very immature, and so you can find a good community that is such an empowering thing to have, especially in times like these.

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