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Morgan Gillis: Uncommon Action for Uncommon Results #52

Taking bold action, Finding her passions, Overcoming struggles, Counting macros vs. food quality, and more.

Guest: Morgan Gillis

Morgan Gillis is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, a Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist, and a serious go-getter. She’s a 25 year old who created her own business, found her true calling, and landed a job at Barbell Shrugged through the internet while in college.

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Who is Morgan Gillis?

Morgan Gillis is a young entrepreneur who runs her own nutrition consulting business at 25 years old. She interned as coached at Faction CrossFit (Mike’s gym in Memphis, TN) also worked for Barbell Shrugged.

While in college, Gillis studied engineering and even had nice career opportunities laid out for her. She could have gotten her school tuition paid off and have an interesting, good paying job right out of college. But she didn’t feel right about pursuing the path she was on and her intuition was telling her she’s in the wrong place.

Around the same time, Gillis fell in love with CrossFit and stumbled upon Barbell Shrugged. She listened to the show for a few months and then also found Bledsopia, a.k.a. The Bledsoe Show, and Chris Moore’s podcast, Barbell Buddha.

Gillis followed her inner voice and left her promising engineering opportunities in Nova Scotia, Canada in favor of working for people who inspired her — the Barbell Shrugged crew.

“A lot of times people don’t realize that money doesn’t matter until they already have it.” — Mike Bledsoe


Taking bold action

Gillis was very influenced by the podcasts she was listening to, particularly The Bledsoe Show. She discovered Dr. DeMartini on The Bledsoe Show, whose work inspired her to asked herself hard questions, such as, what do you spend all your time talking about, what do you spend all your money on, what do you do in your spare time, etc.

Gillis started thinking maybe had it wrong by going to school first. She decided she can pursue her passions first and go to school later. She realized the Barbell Shrugged crew were going in the direction she wants to go and she started playing with the idea of: ‘Can I hang out with people from Barbell Shrugged?’

Gillis was very inspired by the book a boog she discovered on Barbell Shrugged, How to Win Friends & Influence People. She knew she didn’t have much to offer, so she decided to offer herself as a free intern.

She reached out to Mike on Facebook and asked to work with the crew. Mike was inspired by her attitude and asked her to write an essay. Shortly after, they got on the phone, and before she knew it, Gillis was packing her stuff into her car and was driving down to Memphis, TN from Nova Scotia, Canada. ?


Finding her passions

When Gillis came down to Memphis,TN she became an intern for a few months coaching at Faction CrossFit (Mike’s gym). She was all about CrossFit at the time and played with the idea of owning her own gym in the future. Over time, she learned more about what she wanted to do, and even though she loved being in the gym, she discovered she didn’t want to own one.

Gillis realized her main interest was nutrition, so she started learning about Precision Nutrition as Doug Larson recommended. She was also crushing it at the gym as an intern, being really proactive and getting stuff done, so Mike invited her to intern at Barbell Shrugged, and the all whole crew moved to California.

Soon after, Gillis was living in California, working for Barbell Shrugged and, also studying nutrition. She was living her dream, following her true passions.


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Overcoming struggles

Gillis was living the life, but it wasn’t such a smooth road. After working at Barbell Shrugged for a while, she suddenly got fired by Mike. When she got fired she was surprised and upset, but she also realized it had to happen. In order to pay her bills and put out financial fires in the short term, she found a job serving in restaurant. She figured she needs to build a little cushion of money and then go all in on nutrition.

Gillis was lucky to work with the Barbell Shrugged crew and find her calling for nutrition, but she struggled to pursue her inner voice. She worked for free and struggled with money. She left her home, let go of job opportunities and got out of her comfort zone.

“Whatever it is that you struggled with, that you overcame, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Your job is now to turn around and help people overcome the same thing you overcame.” — Mike Bledsoe

Gillis grew up in the outdoors, doing outdoors activities, and her dream was to be a park ranger, which is why she started college studying forestry. When she got older she realized it took too long to become a park ranger and it was a seasonal thing. She was ok with not making a lot of money if she loved her job, but over time she realized being a park ranger wasn’t her thing either.

That’s why Gillis got into engineering, she thought she’ll make a pile of money and then do whatever she wants in her free time. Fortunately, she “sobered up” and followed her inner voice, moved down to Memphis, TN, and got the opportunity to work on the side with people involved in nutrition.

Pro tip: Figure out what’s your struggle. Overcoming struggles and helping others is what makes us feel worthy.

Pro tip 2: Check out a great free book about finding your struggle — Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson, Owner of ClickFunnels.


Counting macros vs. food quality

To have a long-term healthy, good looking body, you need a good balance of counting macros and eating high quality food. You can’t just eat healthy foods and expect to gain or lose weight, you need to make sure you got the right macros ratio. At the same time, you can’t just hit your macros eating pizza and fast food. You might look good on the outside in the short-term, but you will be damaging your body and will be dying on the inside. So eat clean and count your macros!


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