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Marci Lock on Breaking Conformity and Behavioral Patterns

Live in your genius, you were born perfectly, from shit to shift, call me crazy, and more.

Guest: Marci Lock

Marci Lock is known worldwide as the “Ultimate Life Catalyst,” mentoring global influencers, worldwide game changers and high-producing leaders to living an Epic Life. She is also the movement maker of “Average To Awesomeness,” sharing her passion to assist the world in breaking through their bullshit and directly integrating the “How To” shifts to Live a Life of Awesomeness.

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Live in your genius

Marci lives in her genius, which means everything she does — all day long — is what she loves to do. She doesn’t do ANYTHING by parameters of haveshould or need. She does what feels good and lights her up.

“Once you’re in that place, you can’t do anything that has limitation. It feels like shit.” — Marci Lock

Most people choose to live in conformity, but once you have the knowingness of who you really are, you can’t go back to sacrifice or bullshit. While some people figure out how live in their genius on their own, a lot of people need the assistance of plant medicine. The process is to de-program and retrain the remembrance of who you really are. Find your real capabilities and let them out.

“As long as I’m doing the thing I’m supposed to be doing, that will definitely be expressed. The moment that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I definitely don’t feel like a genius.“ — Mike Bledsoe


“I don’t know”

Marci doesn’t like the phrase “I don’t know.” She sees it as a pattern developed in our society to stay in our comfort zone. Society has trained us to play it safe when we feel unsure.

On the other hand, it’s better to trust your intuitions and “act like a 5-year-old”. Marci suggests we ask questions and try to come up with solutions, instead of shutting down our brains. Curiosity leads to fun — the energy of creation.


You were born perfectly

Marci thinks we were all born as pure, beautiful, unique, badass beings.The moment you start experiencing life, you take on all sorts of stories and ideas. With every moment that goes by, there is an imprint. You’re taking more and more in, which becomes the idea of you are.


Avoid limiting yourself or others

The memory process brings back lessons we inherited from our parents. There are patterns we developed, like “you need to comb your hair.”

Catch yourself in the moment

One day, Marci’s older son, Skyler, asked her to do his hair like Alfalfa from Disney’s Little Rascals. At first Marci said “no, you need to do your hair this way,” but then she realized she was telling her son in other words: “You can’t be who you are so you are accepted by society.”

Marci caught herself trying to limit her son by projecting what could happen in the future. Marci’s head started running thoughts on how her son will get teased or made fun of at school, but then realized he will have to figure it out, express himself, and create himself.

Marci was raised Mormon LDS. She was taught: you have to act this way and be this way. She realized, deep down, she was afraid of being rejected. When she observed her thoughts, she was able to pause and ask herself: “Is that what I really want for my son?” She wants her son to know he can go to school however he wants without being afraid of who he is. Going to school with Alfalfa’s hair could either be the coolest thing, or kids might make fun of him. Either way, it’s his path to figure out life.

Alfalfa and Darla from Little Rascals

Bullied no more

Marci’s son was bullied for years, somewhat because Marci taught her kids to uniquely be themselves. Now, her son has learned how to deal with bullies, and even though he’s only 14 years old, he is teaching other kids how to be themselves and deal with bullies.

Marci took her kids to the jungle (note: assuming that means Peru or somewhere similar to do an ayahuasca ceremony) and ever since, her son made a shift and stopped caring about bullies. Even Mike noticed Marci’s son has a lot of confidence.


Non-negotiable date nights

Marci’s makes relationships a priority every day, she has non-negotiable date nights with her kids every week. They have a mandatory weekday date night, and a weekend date (day or night). She also makes sure everybody gets time for themselves. She has nights dedicated to herself, and there are nights dedicated for the kids to be on their own.

“You need to love yourself the most to be able to give love to others.” — Marci Lock


Divorced parents should keep it clean

Marci calls her kids’ father her former husband, not ex. She doesn’t want any limitation in her life, which could also affect her kids . The way parents talk about each other behind their backs once they’ve split is one thing. But talking shit in front of their kids could leave a significant impact on a child. For example, Mike distinctly remembers when his mom talked about his dad when he wasn’t around, and vice-versa. Keep in mind, his parents were fairly positive.


Appreciate life’s lessons

Marci usually cries when she talks about her former husband, because she is so appreciative of the experiences he gave her. Her husband cheated on her, and she hated him, but not anymore. She sees everything as a different vibration and energy. She sees some things as darker energy, which operate at a different frequency. She appreciates her former husband’s darker vibration, because she has learned from it. She now sees him as pure, love and light.


When and how to swear

Marci’s kids are anti-swear as they were raised Mormon. They were taught swearing is evil, and if you swear, you will go to hell! ?

After they left Utah, Marci taught her kids words are just words, but if they make you lose your shit, then you are not empowered. All words have energy, and it’s best to figure out how words serve you. If Marci swears, she doesn’t do it a negative way, else to magnify joy and excitement. Like “fucking awesome!” ?


Call me crazy

When people call Marci crazy, she takes it as a compliment (I do too ?). Of course she wants to be crazy. Why would she want to be like anybody else? Or the norm? Her norm is living in awesomeness every day, in every aspect of her life. But Marci didn’t always experience success, she also had to struggle. Marci started from the bottom as a single mom with 2 kids, making $2 an hour as a waitress.

“You can’t teach others to be in a place of serenity until you’ve gone through your own shadow. If you’re willing to do it. Inch by inch, life is a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard. Put your head the fuck down and take that next inch.” — Marci Lock


Communication is everything. Even with yourself.

The words shouldneedand have to — all have negative energy. Even when you say to yourself: “I should do this”, you’re not giving yourself permission to make a conscious decision, like “I want to do this.”

Marci teaches basic communication, and taught her kids a few tricks. For example, when they feel sick, they are trained to think and say out loud: “I’m healthy and strong!” What you think and say impacts your body. If you say to yourself: “I’m sick”, your body is going to respond feeling more sick. But if you have think with positive energy: “I’m healthy, I’m better every minute”, then you are getting better.

Marci and her kids record and publish videos on YouTube. One day, her younger son, Gavin, came back from his first day of kindergarten, and told Marci he wants to do a video (mind you he was 5 years old at the time).

Gavin: “I have something to share mom. Today this girl said that boys are stinky and dumb.”

Marci: “oh, that’s interesting, what do you think about it?”

Gavin: “She’s gonna attract stinky dumb boys, date them, and marry them.”

Marci: “Good call, and what do you think about yourself? you’re a boy.” her son said

Gavin: “I know she’s mean because she doesn’t love herself, and I’m awesome.”


You can change your life upside down. Quickly.

Marci was 28 when she got divorced, and within a year went from being a waitress earning $2 an hour, to having a gym, to being a nutrition fitness expert on TV. Within 6 years of her divorce, she got her first million dollar client.

Note: There is a documentary about Marci’s life in the works. Follow her on Instagram to stay tuned!

“Separation of the self is the greatest lie.” — Marci Lock


Relationships can make 1+1 = 3

According to Marci, two co-dependent halves is what society taught us a relationship is. But relationships can be more than two halves completing each other to just one. It can be one plus one, plus interconnectedness.

For example, Mike and his wife were a half and a half in the early stages of their relationship. But they’ve grown over the years into being whole on their own, and learned how to magnify one another. Creating their life together is a big bonus.


It’s OK to judge

Even Marci judges herself and experiences fear sometimes. If she judges herself, it hits deep core wounds — ones she thought she broke through forever ago. Marci knows the only thing that turns darkness into light is love. So if there is judgement, Marci loves the judgement.

She learned the only way to get to through shaming or through something that is blocking you from receiving, is to start loving it. To say you can’t judge, is the same as telling someone how to live. It’s trying to control, which is the same thing as what churches and society do. It’s all judgement.


Your body is your vehicle to experience life

Marci lives her life in alignment with her body, relationships, money, balance and time. She challenges herself to see what her body can do. Working out is about having the energy to run and play. It feels good to move, have muscles, and be strong. But you also need to know when to let go, sit, and be still.

What motivates Mike is the adventure and exploration. When he shed the motivation to look or perform a certain way, his physique was easier to obtain. Mike is leaner at 35 than he was at 27.


How do you go from shit to shift?

Don’t freak out. Catch yourself and say “this is interesting” instead. Then breathe and sway. When you freak out, you contract, which locks your energy and emotions into your body and reaffirms your negative belief. Signs of negative emotions are shoulders forward, hands crossing chest, feeling heavy, everything sinking down, going into fetal position, getting rigid, etc. These positions create sickness and disease.

“If you’re not experiencing awesomeness, peace, love or joy, that’s a red flag.” — Marci Lock


When you notice shitty thoughts. How do you choose your way out?

How do you get to the point where you are choosing your thoughts? By observing your thoughts. If you are worried or having shitty thoughts, you are creating shit. Figure out what you want to believe in, and how you could do it when it’s fun and easy.

Truth will always set you free. When we’re in alignment, we’re fired up. We’re meant to feel good, that’s how creation happens. The only energy that exists is love energy. Fear based energy, such as lack or scarcity, is man made.

“Truth is light, lies are heavy.” — Marci Lock

But what if you do your check-in and you feel awesome? Then think: how can I receive even more awesomeness right now? How can you receive more love? You will be expanding your comfort zone on how much love you’re willing to receive at a certain time, which will result in optimizing your mind into flow and awesomeness.

“When we choose to live unconsciously, we’re in experience of reacting subconsciously vs. responding consciously.” — Marci Lock

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