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Lessons Learn From Hunting & Death About Life

Lessons Learn From Hunting & Death About Life

Hunting is one of those activities & topics that creates polarization amongst people. It’s a natural part of life that’s vital to the survival of our species and the food system that keeps people fed and alive…

…yet for some reason people cannot grasp this concept and call it inhumane, and more

This weeks guest knows about the power and sacredness that hunting brings to your life, when done with the right intent and with the right purpose. Tune in to see how getting back in touch with nature, and the lives of the animals you consume, will help you create a greater appreciation for life

3 moments that will move you include:

  • 13:14 to 14:11 – What Hunting Will Teach You About Humility
  • 15:23 to 15:44 – Improving Your Attention To Details
  • 28:38 to 29:31 – Animals Appearing In Dreams

Tracking Siberian Tigers in Russia

So imagine… Russia has recently invaded Ukraine and you board a plane to fly INTO Russia because the opportunity to track Siberian Tigers has been presented to you


Big Cats are magical. I’m sure you’ve heard this on nature documentaries before, but experiencing it for yourself is something completely different

But the Big Cats weren’t the thing to fear on this trip… in the episode, you’ll find out what was

How Focused Are You

…it’s a great question to ask yourself

And if you’re saying you’re focused on things that matter – do they really? Who gave them that label and said they mattered? Other people? Your mind? The media? A part of you? Your soul?

As we age, we generally tend to get better at realizing the compound interest effect that small details have. If you’re challenged to focus, listen in as Mansal shares some incredible tips that help him focus on week long tracking trips

Mansal Denton: Hunter

Mansal Denton is the founder of Sacred Hunting – an Immersive Experience and Ritual that places people at the heart of magical hunting & tracking experiences for themselves

Mike Bledsoe: Liver Of Life

Mike Bledsoe is an avid adventurer, explorer, and lover of life. From sleeping in his gym, to traveling the world with no home base, to now settling down in Austin – he’s experienced it all

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