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Marco Längst: Preparing for Death #76

Marco Längst is a yoga teacher, who devoted himself entirely to the practice and teaching of yoga. Marco developed his own program as a result of his experience suffering from back and shoulder pain for years. His own body and own experience with pain were his best teachers.

As a yoga teacher and Thai massage therapist, Marco developed the concept of yoga therapy to effectively and permanently relieve his clients of pain. Being a yoga teacher means liberating people from physical ailments to him.

Marco’s mission is to teach yoga as a tool to experience life in the abundance that it has to offer. To open the door to a philosophy that supports and accompanies your whole life, and to increase satisfaction, health, freedom and happiness.

In this episode, Marco shares with us his journey from bodybuilding and functional fitness, into becoming a yoga practitioner and teacher. Marco explains how yoga has changed his life perspective, and empowered him to see beyond the physical. He also goes into why you should be aware that you’ll die soon, and much more.



Become the observer

Marco Längst is a practitioner and teacher of iyengar yoga, a form of hatha yoga that has an emphasis on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture and breath control. Before getting into yoga, Marco was a personal trainer, who did bodybuilding and functional fitness.

After training his body for years, he has a realization that the physical body is limited. He fell in love with yoga after he had a deeper experience, which was beyond physical. He discovered awareness, and training the mind became more attractive to him.

“The mind and the body are instruments to express yourself… When you become the observer of your mind, and use your mind and emotions like a tool, then you can see them as supporters, not limitations.”—Marco Längst

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Key Takeaways

  • Take deep breaths and dive deep  —  If something annoying or irritating happens to you, stop and breathe. Instead of being angry at a situation or a person, think about why that thing is annoying to you.
  • Emotional healing and body healing are interrelated, but they don’t occur at the same pace  —  You may experience an emotional release by going to Training Camp for the Soul, Landmark Forum, from a psychedelic experience, or what not, which can happens in a matter of a few days or a few hours. Although, if you’ve been sad about something for 10 years, which got you into bad positions often, it’s going to take a while until your body can undo the bad patterns and rebuild healthier ones.
  • The power of savasana  —  Savana a.k.a corpse pose, is a yoga pose, where you just lay on the floor without doing anything. One of the main benefits of the pose is that it teaches us how to behave in a moment of death. The point is to fully release and be free of everything, and be ok with the fact that you are going to die soon. Soon because life is short.
  • Perspective on death  —  In the western world, it’s not accepted to talk about death, but rather than avoiding it, we can learn how to work with it. It turns out people who practice dying and embrace death, get more comfortable in their own skin on this life, and live more fully.
  • Posture impacts hormones  —  If you stand up straight with good posture, you will create good hormones. If you are in bad postures, bad hormones. That’s why working out, working in, and specifically doing yoga feels good. Ideally we all have a daily practice of movement that enhances posture, and creates a nice straight spine, opens the heart, opens the chest, and makes you stand tall. For max results, it’s best to combine opening the body up with yoga and opening the mind with emotional work.

“Be aware that you’ll die soon, and live to your fullest potential.” — Marco Längst

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