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Knowing When To Fight Hard

Problems are inevitable for us in life. The thing that’s individual about them is how they present themselves. The adversity, obstacle, challenge or roadblock is going to be individualized for your current experience…

…the similarity between them all regardless of what they look like? You can overcome them and solve them.

Sometimes you’ll have to be forceful, and other times you’ll have to be like water and adapt yourself more to what’s occurring around you. This is something that this week’s guest, Bellator MMA Veteran, John Beneduce, knows better than most.

If you’re ever asking “when do I force the issue” or “when do I accept and maneuvre”, you’re going to love this episode.

2 moments you’ll love from this episode include:

  • 38:17 to 38:36 – The Downside of being a Weak Person
  • 43:40 to 44:24 – Why We’re Nowhere Near The Truth

Surrender. Accept. Trust

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”… you’ve heard this countless times before in your life, but what does it actually look like to adopt this philosophy and put it into practice?

And not just inside the specific context of an experience, but the totality of your life? Structure and order are one side of the spectrum in life, but how well do you handle the chaos when it inevitably enters to spice your life up?

John Beneduce has an effortless way of handling this natural part of life that he’s developed over decades in MMA.

Up Your Game

The major benefit of adopting the philosophy and perspective of an MMA fighter? Every opportunity, whether you perceive it as being “good” or “bad” is an opportunity for you to get better.

That’s what allows the greats to obtain their place in the history books. Following the simple steps and principles John lays down in this episode will allow you to become great in your life, both for those you love and for yourself.

John Beneduce: Bellator MMA Veteran

With a 2nd Degree BJJ Black Belt and a lifetime worth of experience testing himself to see what he’s made of, John Beneduce now specializes in helping jiujitsu guys over 40 how to Roll Forever and stay savage on the mat

Mike Bledsoe: Truth Seeker

A perpetual student, Mike specializes in emotional & intellectual expansion, behavior change, sexuality & alternative medicine to empower humans with the tools and inspiration to transform their mind, body, & spirit

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