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How To Create An Optimal Lifestyle

People overcomplicate things. From what it takes to build a 100,000 subscriber list on YouTube to what it takes to create optimal health. Josh Hash has done both, and his process for them is going to make you rethink everything you’re currently doing

3 moments you’re going to love from this episode:

  • 07:00 to 07:50 – why you should always have fun
  • 09:20 to 10:45 – why simple is always the answer
  • 25:09 to 26:40 – the easy way to create lifestyle habit changes that stick

Creating Health is Simpler Than You Think

A lot of what you’ve been told helps make you “healthy” is a lie. In fact, almost all of it is. Here is a list of things you think will, but won’t:

  • High-Intensity Training Programs
  • Expensive Supplements
  • Tech/Health Apps

Here are the 3 Simple Things that will Build Maximal Health 

It likely goes against everything you think is right, and see in the media today, but the best things you can do for your health are these three simple and free things:

  1. Walking in Nature
  2. Getting off Social Media
  3. Sleep & Sleep Hygiene

How do you implement them in your life?

Download 3 Simple Things for Maximal Health and start doing the things that the $314.6B Supplement Industry and $156B Medical Industry don’t want you to know

Josh Hash: Founder of StrengthSide

Josh Hash has spent the last 3 years changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of humans with his free YouTube Channel, StrengthSide, and his health & lifestyle coaching programs 

Mike Bledsoe: Health OG

Mike built the #1 H&F Podcast, has spoken on stages such as PaleoFX and has taught some of the leaders in the H&F space today. He knows all things health

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