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How People Can Take Back Control

Are you the kind of person who lets others make & set the rules of your life… or are you the kind of person who makes and sets your own rules?

If you’re like most people, you’re the former, and it’s taking away your true freedom, power, and sovereignty

I used to let other people make the rules I’d play and abide by. It sucked. Life expanded in every direction when I realized only “nature” can create real rules which we abide by…

3 moments you’re going to love from this episode include:

  • What is Sovereignty & How To Create Your Own Rules → 25:05 to 26:02
  • Why Health is Always Your #1 Concern (*and the deadly results when it’s not) → 41:09 to 41:42
  • What’s Inside Your Control for Sovereignty → 41:49 to 42:40

Control These 2 Things to Create Total Sovereignty in your Life & Live By Your Own Rules

Kyle Kingsbury knows what it takes to question authority and create your own sovereignty in life 

This episode is essential listening for anyone questioning the state of society right now, as in it you’ll learn the only 2 things needed to create sovereignty in life…

The 2 Essential Things for Sovereignty

  1. Health: you either make your health a priority or sooner, rather than later it will be forced to be your #1 priority
  2. Education: knowledge is power, and knowledge inside the 3 Areas of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (*Physiological, Safety, Love & Connection) can make individuals more powerful than the masses

Get The 2 Essentials You Need to Create Total Sovereignty in your Life here so that you can start taking back your power and making smart choices that will see you have complete and total freedom in all areas of your life

Kyle Kingsbury: Freedom Seeker

Kyle Kingsbury has been pushing the edge of what it means to question authority and be the ruler of your own life for close to a decade now. An Ex-Pro MMA Fighter, Kyle has spent the last decade seeking how individuals can take control of their lives and find inner peace

Mike Bledsoe: Thought Leader

Mike Bledsoe has been taking the unconventional road for almost 20 years now. An avid philosopher, altered states & truth seeker, he’s a common thread in the center of the circle of many of the world’s leading thinkers about human potential, decentralization and the collective consciousness 

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