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How I Recovered from Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had my wisdom teeth removed last Tuesday… all 4 of them. I’m 36 and a couple were pretty deep so I was surprised at how long the recovery has taken but my doc thinks I’m coming along on target.

I want to tell you about how I did my recovery different than most. And not only was it different, but I set it up in a way that I would walk away from the experience stronger than I went into it.

For the record, I did NOT follow all the doctor’s orders. Mostly when it came to medications. I’m a big believer in using as little pharmaceuticals as possible. They can be very disruptive to your system and can do a lot of damage, especially when it comes to antibiotics.

We’ll start there. They wanted me to start antibiotics as soon as I got home. We know that the gut is your second brain and that antibiotics destroy your gut biome, so I let them know that I would not be taking the antibiotics. I think they exist for a great time, when it’s life or death, not for preventative care.

Instead, I took the opposite, a probiotic. And you know me. I’m not going to just take any probiotic from the store. I got my Super Human Probiotics from Elemental Wizdom. This is a human strain probiotic, meaning that it’s made from human samples, not like other probiotics made from other animals or plants. These are actually meant to populate and culture in your body. These probiotics will fight any “bad” bacteria that’s existing in your body that may cause an infection, and increases the rate of recovery by creating a solid environment for the tissue to heal.

For inflammation, I took the best natural anti-inflammatory on the market, PowerCurc 50 by Human Garage. It’s not like other “turmeric” supplements out there. It’s curcumin with a twist. There are 3 different types of curcumin and one of them holds most of the power. PowerCurc is made primarily of the the type of curcumin that reduces inflammation the best. Think of it as the equivalent of eating 40 pounds of turmeric.

For stress and immunity I used a good bit of medicinal mushrooms. The product I use has 10 different mushrooms that all do various things and what I was most concerned with for this past week was the improved immunity and the adaptogens that it provides. The adaptogens basically take stress responses, reduce them, and transform stress hormones into productive hormones that signal your body to adapt vs just stress out. The other mushroom in the mix offer stronger immunity as well, keeping me safe throughout the healing process. The product I use is Metamorphosis from Elemental Wizdom.

For pain I used a combination of Ibuprofen, THC, CBD, and Kratom. The ibuprofen is what the doc gave me and I used it for a week. It works well when in combination with others. During the day I use a version of kratom that keeps me alert and has pain therapy benefits as well. In the evening I used a 3:1 ratio of THC to CBD. This is pretty ideal for pain relief and a speedy recovery. Plus, the CBD also helps with inflammation tremendously. The kratom is from a friend so I can’t really point you in the right direction for that right now but for the THC and CBD I used Jambo Superfoods. They have a whole slew of amazing products. I highly recommend you checking out all their stuff.

Toothpaste, yup I even get weird here too. I haven’t used traditional toothpaste in a long time. Most pastes are doing the same thing antibiotics are doing. Killing good and bad bacteria alike. Making your mouth a perfect place for infection and bad breath.

Over the years I’ve been using some type of clay or charcoal or something. And with this surgery my teeth became even more valuable to me more than ever. So I upped the ante and got serious. I started using the kind of toothpaste that baby Jesus would be proud of. Check out Oralight if you want some next level shit. Try it and see if you can go back to Colgate, I dare you.

And lastly, I spent some time under my Joovv light. This sucker helps heal and generate more mitochondria. That’s the powerhouse of the cell. This creates healthier DNA and when you’re needing to replicate cells it makes sure that it’s done right without mutations and whatnot.

Thanks for reading about my experience. I hope you find it useful in your own life.


    • Everything you do effects your CNS, all to different degrees. There’s always a cost benefit. If you need to remove the teeth for oral health then it’s something to do. I try to look at the whole system when making choices.

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