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How & Why Doing “Dad Work” Will Change The World

From addiction, anxiety, directionlessness, depression, and anxiety to the creation of a culture of blamethrowers and victims – a light has been shone in the past few years on the desperate need for better men’s mental health in the world.

This week’s guest believes most of the problems that face our world today can be solved by helping fathers heal their trauma, learn compassionate communication skills, and grow into mature, masculine leaders. And that’s exactly where our conversation in this episode goes.

Curt Storring shares deeply passionate personal experiences and provides real-world, easily implementable tools, practices, wisdom, and insights dads need to heal and grow.

If you’re a father, a soon-to-be-father, or have a father figure in your life you love and care for, here are 3 moments you’ll love from this episode:

  • 5:03 to 5:18 – How To Be Better At Business
  • 24:31 to 25:03 – Why Fatherhood Is The Most Expansive Thing You’ll Experience
  • 41:31 to 41:51 – Why Choosing Your Hard Is A Gift

Breaking Generational Chains

Nobody teaches us how to “be a parent”, or to successfully regulate our emotions and “be a man”, or a father, in life. Due to this, a lot of what we do is simply a replication of what we’ve experienced and observed – either from the media or from our own fathers, parents, and authority figures who themselves often didn’t know what they were doing either.

The lack of knowledge ends now. Better fathers, being better fathers, setting better examples, and mirroring better practices start now. Curt Storring and his creation, “Dad.Work” are breaking the chain of generational trauma to create a brighter future for our kids, and the future generations to come.

It’s A Cycle, And It Ends Now

As fathers, whenever a reaction is taken destructively from repressed emotions, the same cycles of perceived trauma and wounding passed down to us from our fathers is passed on to our children. If we show up better, we are better examples and create a better environment and model for our children.

Fathers who heal, grow, and lead, create an environment where children grow up without carrying any of their baggage. They have fewer instances of perceived trauma, and they develop a more secure attachment.

You’ll love the simple, effective tools Curt shares in this episode, as well as the deeply moving stories and experiences he’s had in his own life, and the transformations he’s witnessed in other Dad’s and the love it brought to their families, and communities life.

Curt Storring: Recovering Shitty Dad

Founder of Dad.Work, Curt helps fathers suffer less, love more, and parent confidently through mindfulness, personal growth, and community. It’s like “Men’s Work”… but for Dads

Mike Bledsoe: Experienced “Inner” Worker

Mike Bledsoe has spent decades unlearning and discarding the parts of him that don’t serve him and healing his Self through deep “inner work”

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