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Guy Ferdman: Being Your True Self-Expression #58

Vipassana Powers, Setting and following a mantra, The difference between not giving a fuck and living in true alignment, Embodiment over Logic, Being vs. Doing, and more.

Guest: Guy Ferdman

Guy Ferdman is a modern-day shaman and co-founder of Satori Prime. A spiritual truth-sayer whose warrior spirit merges ancient wisdom with modern practicality against the backdrop of everyday life. Ferdman has helped thousands of entrepreneurs in over 23 countries launch their businesses online. A marketing genius, the essence of his work has always been to coach people to profound breakthroughs at lightning speed.

In the past, he was a head coach for the Self Expression Leadership Program at Landmark Education where he was personally responsible for coaching thousands of people. He’s graced the stages of New York, DC, Boston as well as internationally. He’s been seen in the Huffington Post, Less Doing, The Art of Charm, and 6 Figure Mentors among others. He currently lives in magnificent San Diego with his two cats, Simba and Ginji.

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Vipassana powers

Two years ago, Guy Ferdman attended a vipassana meditation retreat, which is a 10 day silent retreat known as one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. Ferdman have had a supernatural experience during vipassana that he believes can be accessed by anyone. He felt like he could taste of what it’s like to put the powers on.

Ferdman felt like he gained access to his brain, the same way you can gain access to move muscles in your body. He could feel thoughts being produced and had the ability to shut on and off connections between the brain and body parts, just like anti-inflammatory medicine can.


Ayahuasca healings

Ayahuasca is a an Amazonian plant mixture that is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness, usually lasting between 4 to 8 hours after ingestion. Ayahuasca is known to help show humans what’s possible, it helps us remove the filters we create in our lives. The plant mixture can also help heal chronic pain, which is usually associated with old memories and stored emotions.

If you ask for specific body part healing during an ayahuasca ceremony, you might feel this warm feeling going towards that body part and feel like it’s working itself out. Sounds crazy, but you could have that body part 90–100% healed by the end of the ceremony.

Mike felt the biggest posture changes in his body from plant medicine and personal development work. His hips got looser once he let go of some of old memories. Ayahuasca shows you what’s possible, but you also have the ability to do what it shows you without it.


Speaking up in the modern world

We’ve been using the same educational system since 1903, which was instilled by John D. Rockefeller, whose main motivation was to create factory workers, creating everybody to be the same way. Unfortunately, this education system ignores our default behavior, which is what we now consider mystical magic and manifestations.

Society makes it easier to stay inside the lines, rather than express our uniqueness. The school systems and family structures we have are not set up to discover you purpose in life. Society is set up in a way that doesn’t reward people for thinking outside the box, living their true self-expression.

“People don’t speak up because they’re afraid they are going to be seen as weird or as an outcast.” — Mike Bledsoe

Some people thought about these problems already 70 years ago, but it was unacceptable to have such conversations. Outwitting the Devil is a book by Napoleon Hill that originally written in 1938, but only released in 2011. It’s a conversation about problems in our educational system, which was too controversial to be published during that time period, but is somewhat acceptable today.

The book is a conversation between Hill and Your Majesty (God), where Hill attempts to uncover the secrets to freedom and success by evaluating the greatest obstacles that humans face in order to attain their personal goals in life.


Setting and following a mantra

Mike and his wife, Ashley, are travelling for the most part of 2018. The decision to get on the road stemmed from a lot of personal development work they both did for the past few years. One of the things which Mike implemented in life that got him on the road faster than expected was to set and follow mantras.

In 2017, his mantra was “work easy”. Anytime he started doing work that felt hard, heavy or stressful, he said to himself “work easy”. Sometimes it helped change perspective when doing the same task, sometimes it meant delegating a task to someone else, and sometimes it meant not doing the task. After a while, “work easy” just became part of Mike’s new life and he didn’t need that mantra anymore.

In August 2018, he adopted a new mantra: “high speed, low drag.” He borrowed it from the special forces, where it means pack light, not many people involved, you don’t set up or occupy any place, just strike and keep moving. The mantra did wonders for Mike’s business, but it also made him cut his relationship with his wife at the time.

Pro tip: Choose mantras carefully as they will probably carry over to all aspects in your life.

“Be careful what you wish for and what mantras you use because it can quickly escalate into every aspect of your life and I’m really thrilled about it.” — Mike Bledsoe


Training Camp for The Soul and Landmark forum

In August 2017, Mike attended Landmark Forum, a 3 day personal development program that made him realize he used to take people’s choices away from them, assuming things and not taking action about it. Mike was making up stories in his mind based on a few data points.

He tried to protect people around him, making assumptions they were relying on him, which was somewhat true. In business for example, he wasn’t making offers for specific products thinking some companies can’t afford it or wouldn’t want to spend that much money on it.

In November 2017, Mike and Ashley participate in Journey to Love, Anat Peri’s (episode 49) retreat, which is how Training Camp for The Soul was created. The Bledsoe’s went through a 5 day retreat working on childhood wounds. Specifically, thinking about what our parents taught us consciously and unconsciously, and changing the perspective on memories that left wounds.

During the retreat, Mike realized he was hiding parts of his true identity because he was afraid people wouldn’t like him. Post retreat, he learned how to fully express himself without caring what people think. he also learned to enjoy more meaningful relationships and friendships, where he could be his 100% true self. He realized the only person that needs to like him is himself.

After Peri’s retreat Mike felt light, happier, and life seemed more beautiful. The change was also there to stay, because he changed his perspective on things, and he still feels the lightness. The biggest thing he noticed about himself and others who attended the retreat, is reduced/lack of judgement of other people. Being able to accept and love others for who they are makes life easier and better.

“If I’m in a relationship where I am not being able to be fully who I am and express myself 100%, that’s not of service to the other person either. Our entire relationship is a lie.” — Mike Bledsoe


The difference between not giving a fuck and living in true alignment

“There’s a difference between people saying: ‘I don’t give a fuck’, like ‘I got a pocket full of fucks, but you’re not going to get any.’ People say that, and it’s funny because it sounds to them like they’re saying something empowering, but what you are saying is: ‘I don’t give shit about people’, there’s a difference between that and ‘I’m so in alignment with who I am that I’m OK with anything that’s not, that I can say no to and feel really good about those decisions.’” — Guy Ferdman


Embodiment over logic

Have you ever gotten into a situation where you said or felt: ‘I’ve heard this before, but it sounds different this time.’? It’s good to hear the same things over and over again in different circumstances and frequencies, because some points can hit home at certain situations and times.

You are more likely to absorb new knowledge and feelings when you are open minded. To live by your true self-expression, it’s better to do embodiment work over logical work. We can all access subtle frequencies that are always available to all of us by simply opening up our minds to it.

It’s not important to understand what’s happening, but feel that something is different. We are yet to really know how plant medicine works and how development programs benefit us, but we can feel it. When you have no expectations of what’s possible, impactful experiences happen.


Your frequency attracts similar frequencies

The entire universe is in perfect harmony. So if we’re part of that universe, our life is in perfect harmony. No matter what situation is happening in you life, it’s in perfect harmony with the vibration frequency you are. Life is not about changing situations or circumstances, else looking at what frequency you’re outputting that’s allowing you to attract back the frequencies you want in your life.

“I change my perception and the whole world out there changes.” — Guy Ferdman

Both positive and negative frequencies attract one another

Everything that is going into your system is constantly trying to get out. If you wake up in the morning with a bad mood, bad shit is going to happen all day long. If you wake up with a good mood, amazing things will happen to you all day.

Our minds put filters on things and limit our potential, putting us in our comfort zone box. We need to cut off certain frequencies that are available to us, in order to open up to frequencies we aren’t aware of.

For example: Fear and anger aren’t negative feelings, but when coupled with shame, they work against you. If you can love the fact that you are shaming anger, that’s the beginning of loving anger. Anger, shame, and fear, can all work for you. Anger can get you fired up to do something good, shame can make you avoid doing something bad, and fear might make you behave nicer to other people.


Being vs. Doing

Ferdman recommends you live your life by just being, not doing. Being doesn’t mean you’re not doing anything, it means the way you are impacts what gets done and how you are doing things. Most people get a coach in business, life, or relationships, and expect to get a blueprint with steps 1, 2, 3…

Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss’ books and workshops are great resources for self-development but only work to some extent, which is limiting your potential. When you surrender yourself to just being, you will feel like: ‘I don’t know what’s going on. It’s all magical and it seemingly happens without input from me.’

“Doing is like the water is coming out of a hose. Being is standing under a waterfall.” — Guy Ferdman


We get to receive things in life

You don’t need to do anything in your life. You get to pay your bills, get to be in relationships, get to work for a company, etc. For example: You don’t need to make money, you get to make money by doing something valuable to humanity.

There are many existing things in the world and you just need to take them, not make them. Ferdman suggests that if there’s not a lot of money in your life, without trying to earn, create, or make more money, just get curious about how you can receive more money. 

It’s important you don’t let others answer the question for you. Only that way you will notice something coming to your field to suffice that curiosity that will lead you to that answer. A frequency in your body will shift to allow you to receive more money. It could come in a relationship form, an IRS letter telling you they owe you money, someone paying you for free work you’ve done in the past, etc.


Listen to your body

Back in January 2018, Mike had a lot on his plate and was stressed about his big to-do list before launching this new website. He felt uneasy as time was running up, but couldn’t get himself to work. He felt like he needed to do some movement to shake it off.

Mike packed a bowl of marijuana, lit his Joovv light therapy device, put on Ferdman’s music mix playlist, and moved for two hours doing yoga flows and breathing. He got completely in the zone, deeply feeling his body, and went to sleep that night feeling much better feel. He had a great night sleep for 9 hours and woke up feeling super refreshed.

Although he was energized, he still didn’t feel like knocking out the to-do list, his body was still signaling him he should do something else. He decided to go with the flow and had a nice breakfast with Ashley, talked to a friend, did more movement, and later enjoyed another conversation with a close friend.

That conversation became one of the most important conversations he had in a while, where he and Mark England created Flow Stated workshop. Mike also managed to get knock out his to-do list on time for the site launch, as he got into a really good headspace after talking to England. Lesson learned: Listen to your body.

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