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Experience The Full Power of Your Breath

Your breathing sucks, you just don’t know it. It’s likely the main reason for a lot of the stress, tension, and dis-ease in your life

By simply breathing better you can drastically change your health. Most people don’t because they think it’s too simple to be that powerful…

…it’s not

3 moments you’re going to love from this episode:

  • 06:45 to 7:32 – There is No Faking It During Free Diving, Learning to Accept Death
  • 11:50 to 12:54 – The Natural Ancient Technology That Lives In you
  • 20:45 to 22:27 – After Breath, What’s The Next Most Important Thing for You?

Breathe Better. Live Better. Here’s How:

In this episode you’re going to discover:

  • Why your poor breathing is making all your meditation, yoga, movement, ice baths/cold showers, and breathwork a complete waste of time
  • How to make better choices and think clearly by getting out of your head and into your heart and your feeling body
  • Why the reason you’re so stressed all the time is your breath, how it’s hindering your health, progress and success in your business and career, and what to do about it

Everything You Want Is On The Other Side of Better Breathing

Between Wim Hof, Box Breathing, Ocean Breath, Circle Breathing, Holotropic Breathwork and everything else out there – which is the best for you?

Simple. There are only 2 breathwork practices that all of these are built on. Find out what they are and add them to your days to create an optimal level of health for yourself

Download The Only 2 Breathwork Practices You Need for Optimal Health and start bettering your breathing to better your health in less than 5 minutes a day

Adam Hoffman: Master of Breath

A Tulum Native, Adam Hoffman has been guiding humans on journeys of inner exploration using the power of breath and mixing it with freediving, eFoiling, and other flow-inducing activities for decades

Mike Bledsoe: Human Potential Seeker

Mike Bledsoe has been pushing the edge of what’s possible for humans for more than a decade. From the fitness & health industry and plant medicines to altered states, he’s an experienced traveler in the topics of this episode

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