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Emily Utter: Celebrating and Empowering Women in Business #56

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, Don’t undercharge for your services, it’s OK to shine, Fraud syndrome, and more.

Guest: Emily Utter

Emily Utter is a business coach for adventurous entrepreneurs — coaches and healers who want to scale their location independent businesses and work from anywhere in the world!

Emily works with coaches, healers, and consultants to stop over giving, get out of the hustle, and start growing sustainable, profitable income that supports a healthy and happy freedom-filled lifestyle. Her expertise is supporting coaches to scale their businesses to multi-six figures and beyond.

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Who is Emily Utter?

Emily Utter coaches women on how to conduct business and get wealthy. Utter never thought she’ll be an entrepreneur, she was an environmentalist who always worked in non-profit, who even got arrested for protesting a corporation in San Francisco back in the day.

After fighting the oil industry for years, Utter got tired and wanted to do something different. She wanted to have freedom in her life, where she can work from anywhere, and realized she can leverage her natural talents to help people build the freedom lifestyle. Today, she runs her own business coaching company, leading a nomadic lifestyle, helping people became adventurous entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurship is not for everybody

Not everybody is an entrepreneur. A lot of people are enticed by entrepreneurship because social media makes it look easy and sexy. Although, the reality is that at a regular job you leave your work at work, and as an entrepreneur you think about your clients 24/7.

Moreover, personal coaching is much different than selling software or tangible goods. It is much more vulnerable to go out and tell people you can change their life in exchange for their money.

Your confidence in yourself is the biggest factor to your success. When you create a new business, of course you want to make a big impact and a lot of money, but you need to focus on owning your personality and self-expression. It’s harder than it sounds and that’s what will actually make you most money.

“I think it looks really sexy, but the reality is being an entrepreneur, I think is much harder than having a job. Having a job (you) just show up, do your thing, and go home.” — Emily Utter


Don’t undercharge for your services

People are chronically undercharging for their services, but you should be able to charge what you want to charge. When you don’t charge what you want to get, you become resentful and lack the desire to show up fully for your clients. You will feel like you are giving away too much and start holding back, which is not fair to you or your client.

Price your services at a price that will make you happy to deliver your best work. If you don’t hold an insecure energy, nobody will question your price.

Pro tip: Charging what you’re worth doesn’t make sense. A lot of us are worth way too much money for other people to actually pay. Find a price that you are happy to receive that people will happily pay for.


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It’s OK to shine

As a society, we’ve been taught that it’s not ok to shine, brag, or talk about how awesome you are. But we should be allowed to publicly shine and share our gifts. We need to celebrate each other, not get jealous of one another.

It’s important to surround yourself with people that will support your true self-expression. Find people you can openly share ideas, conflict, and feedback with. Friends that ask you and one another to show up as a better person. You may find yourself having less and less things in common with your old best friend, which is OK. Just make sure you are not settling for things, because that’s the one thing that holds people back most. When we settle, we lose power.

“You are the average of the five people you hang out with most.” — Mike Bledsoe


Women are confused on how to talk about success

Culturally, women are still earning less on the dollar than men in traditional jobs. It’s still relatively new for women to create the level of success that they create now. There are fewer women millionaires and billionaires than men.

Unfortunately, some women are being shamed for owning their success publicly and are confused on how to talk about it. Sometimes people get turned off when successful people throw numbers in regards to their success, which is why a lot of men show their success publicly with physical things: cars, boats, houses, jets, etc. But success shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, women should be empowered about receiving a lot of money without feeling bad about it.


Some men are intimidated by women’s success

When you are jealous of something someone has, that usually means you want that something to yourself. People tend to get upset when someone makes more money than they do without working as hard because they want the same results.

Some men get upset when women are more successful than they are. They try to find ways to downplay women’s success attributing it to luck rather than hard work, which makes successful women hide parts of their success to avoid emasculating men. But it shouldn’t be like that, we all need to respect one another’s success and own our self-expression.

“The bigger you get, the more insecure some people become.” — Mike Bledsoe


Fraud syndrome

Fraud syndrome a.k.a. impostor syndrome is a pretty big problem among women. The fraud syndrome is when someone constantly judge themselves for not being good enough, thinking “I’m a fraud, I’m just faking it.”

Some men make women feel like they are faking it or that they achieved success because they are lucky. It makes women second guess themselves and get into thinking “I’m a fraud because I haven’t achieved X, Y, Z results.”

The self conversation goes for example:

  • “How can you teach about relationship when you just had a fight with boyfriend?”
  • “How can you coach about business when you had a shitty month in your own business?”

A lot of times we hold ourselves to unattainable standards and get insecure. It’s important to surround yourself with a strong support group that can help you live your true, confident, self-expression.

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