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Discovering Truth in Life

This episode is for courageous people only. The topics we discuss in it are going to challenge you deeply.

Josh and I touch on deep Truths that many people would rather distract themselves from than face them, sit in the discomfort that may form, and learn the lesson to be learned from overcoming them.

From sharing personal experiences that have taken years to accept and work through, to Universal Laws and Truths that humanity is slowly waking up to – this episode has everything someone wanting to see things more clearly in life want.

3 moments you’ll love from this episode include:

  • 12:16 to 12:46 – The Flaws of Human Design
  • 32:38 to 33:23 – The Weight Of Gravity Our Emotions Have
  • 38:22 to 38:42 – Can You Actually “Get Ahead” Of The Curve?

What Is Truth?

This may be hard to swallow, however, your truth, and what you currently believe to be the truth is actually inaccurate and simply an opinion of yours that you hold – it is not Truth.

See, the Truth is belligerent. The Truth is uncomfortable, it is what is “real”, is “accurate”, and it is not open to interpretation. It is not an opinion, thought, perspective, experience, belief, or representation either formed or portrayed by humans.

The Truth is universal for all humans it is what objectively “is”. With this in mind you can see how the majority of humans are living more in imagination than they are in reality.

If you want to discover Truth and develop your own life for the better, you will love the depth of this week’s conversation.

Shame. Guilt. Insecurities

It is said that any sensations of guilt are the result of the voice of society ringing loud in your life. It surfaces due to the effective programming of society so that you become your own warden, holding up the laws of society – not your sovereign individual laws.

How much weight are you carrying around in the form of guilt, shame, insecurities, and more that are not Truth and are weighing you down, keeping you stressed and in a state of dis-ease?

Imagine being able to let go of them all and the lightness and peace you’d feel… if that interests you, get ready to learn how to do just that in this week’s episode.

Josh Trent: Force of Wellness

Founder of Wellness Force Media and host of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, Josh has spent the past 19+ years as a trainer, researcher, and facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world

Mike Bledsoe: Truth Seeker

A perpetual student, Mike specializes in emotional & intellectual expansion, behavior change, sexuality & alternative medicine to empower humans with the tools and inspiration to transform their mind, body, & spirit

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