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Dallas Michael Cyr: Igniting Your Purpose

If You’re a Phoenix still in the Ashes
Right now you’re being called forth to something new and greater in your life. You’re at a crossroads and it’s time to draw a line in the sand! It can be both a scary and exciting time. You can either take 5 steps back, continue to struggle, suffer, stay in the confusion or you can take powerful decisive action.

In these times motivation for change is higher, yet unfortunately our ability to make empowered decisions is lower. Many will want to hibernate or isolate themselves and the desire to fight, flee or freeze is very real. We feel anxiety and stress in our body and our emotions can be all over the place. Doubt is often high and FEAR is higher!

This can be a defining moment, this can be, “The Moment it ALL Changed” or just a pattern you continue to repeat.

Click here for a video that explains it all

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