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Marc Angelo Coppola: Inspiring Action As a Philanthropreneur #65

Becoming a philanthropreneur, Doomsday is coming, Taking action and inspiring action, B Corp vs. nonprofit, Currency is the biggest problem on the plane, and more.

Guest: Marc Angelo Coppola

Marc Angelo Coppola is a philanthropreneur, a storyteller and a movement maker. He is the founder of Valhalla Movement Foundation, founder and philanthropreneur at Superhero Academy, and strategist at Collective Evolution.

Marco Angelo is a character dedicated to having an impact. He has a deep passion for social entrepreneurship and learning that could be classified as an addiction. He’s also a marketing guru & consultant by trade, and inspirational leader & sustainability geek by passion!

In this episode, we learn how and why Marc became a philanthropreneur, why we need to take more action, the difference between B corps and nonprofits, and much more.



Marc Angelo Coppola

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Resources: Superhero Academy, Valhalla Movement, Rise of the Philanthropreneur (FREE class), Make Your Impossible List

“We strive to empower social entrepreneurs and sustainable business leaders to be bold — dynamic — engaging storytellers — aka everyday superheroes — that will change the world through their actions and the movements they help inspire.” — Marc Angelo Coppola


Becoming a philanthropreneur

Marc Angelo Coppola describes himself as a philanthropreneur, an entrepreneurial philanthropist. He likes to combine philanthropic work with real world problem solving, creating value for people through business ventures.

In college, Marc realized he didn’t want to work 9–5 or on other people’s dreams. Instead of wasting his time prepping for the corporate business world, he decided to expand his mind by challenging himself to watch a documentary once a week for 52 weeks in a row.

After watching a lot of documentaries, Marc noticed a trend — 90% of the time, documentaries are sounding the alarm about a specific issue, whether it’s vanishing of bees, degradation of climate, etc. Only 10% of the time is spent talking about potential solutions!

Marc loved the knowledge he was gaining from documentaries and then went on to other challenges to expand his horizons even further, by listening to podcasts, TED talks and audio books.

To decide what he’s going to do with his life, Marc pondered some tough questions: “Who am I if money doesn’t matter? What would I do if I had $100M in my bank account or what would I had $0 in my bank account?”

After much deliberation, Marc came to a conclusion that it’s not enough to know something, you need to put it to action. He decided he wants to build a school that he wish he could go to, declared he will open that school, and planted a tree where he wanted to open it. After a little while, Marc indeed opened that school, which is now known as Valhalla Movement.

“It doesn’t matter how much money I make, I will never sacrifice my happiness. I will never sacrifice my ideas and purpose for the purpose of making money. Really going after my passion and really going after the difference I wanna make in the world, and then letting the money show up.” — Mike Bledsoe


Doomsday is coming

“Only 2% of the world’s water is freshwater. That’s fucking crazy. And 1% of that is glacial, which unfortunately is melting. We think we have all this abundance and we do and I think there’s ways that we can, and I think there’s technology that can enable us in a way that we couldn’t imagine, but the facts are that we are closest to midnight on the doomsday clock that we’ve ever been . It’s 11:58 on the doomsday clock, which measures how close it humanity to the potential of total extinction.” — Marc Angelo Coppola


Taking action and inspiring action

Marc’ superpower is being a storyteller. He likes the idea of telling stories, where small little things you do can move boulders. He believes social entrepreneurs are the solution and bearers because they see the opportunity of something and then they make that opportunity become financially viable, but also ripple of impact viable in some shape or form.

“The goal isn’t that I can plant every tree and change the world, the goal is to inspire the businesses, and people, and opportunities that do that. I understand I can’t change the entire globe on my own, but I can definitely change the consciousness of the globe on my own.” — Marc Angelo Coppola

In August 2017, Mike attended Landmark Forum, a 3 day personal development program that helped him take more action. He had a lot of things floating around in his consciousness, and after Landmark he had one weekend, where he took action over and over again.


B Corp vs. nonprofit

Marc started a nonprofit company, but because there tons of restrictions that don’t make sense on nonprofits, he switched to a B corp. You can open a B corp and run it like a charity.

Nonprofits can only use 10% of their budget towards marketing because they want all the money to go towards the cause. While the intention is great, it hinders the cause’s potential as marketing helps make more money. If you can spend more than 10% on marketing you can bring an overall higher amount of money to people in need. Chris Beat Cancer is a good example of B corps’ potential.


Onnit – Total Human Optimization

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Superhero Academy Mastermind

Marc’s mission for the Superhero Academy Mastermind is to gather 150 philanthropreneurs. He is focused on 150 people because of the science of tribe and the theory of Dunbar’s Number, which posits that 150 is the number of individuals with whom any one person can maintain stable relationships.

Marc is trying to get everybody to look at philanthropreneurship as a real solution for mentorship and education, providing physical places to collaborate. He believes people can combine forces to change themselves, and therefore the world.

“A life that is more in balance with the ecosystem around us is available today.” — Marc Angelo Coppola

Education. Communication. Location

We’re in an age of where we need to collaborate more than just exchange business cards. It’s not only about collaborating only on how to grow your followers page, it’s the philosophy behind it, which is learned through permaculture. We need to take more accountability for our own actions.

Superhero Academy Mastermind is about collaborating for the greater good, but it’s not free. If it was free you wouldn’t take it seriously. When we put your money and resources on the line we care much more and try harder in what we do. Marc is looking for people who went through some spiritual transformation and believe in doing something bigger than themselves.

“That’s what the mastermind is about. People were actually collaborating on solutions at this mastermind. Real, tangible collaboration and actual systems.” — Marc Angelo Coppola


Currency is the biggest problem on the planet

“We have more debt than there is money. We have fractured reserved banking, which literally, mathematically says we’re playing a game of musical chairs. That means somebody has to be the homeless person, or the person who is bankrupt, or someone who is going to have an empty bag. Mathematically, that’s literally how it works. What is it, 50% of the world lives on less than $2 a day? That’s incredible. Let’s not cast a judgement on that, cause some people live on less $2 a day and have a better lifestyle than I do. They’re more free than I am. Economics isn’t the only thing we should measure. We should have systems of economy that are based on very different metrics or mathematical foundation than the current paradigm. That’s why he’s exciting about cryptocurrency. ” — Marc Angelo Coppola

Cryptocurrency is probably the answer

In his book, End the Fed, Ron Paul talks about how currencies should compete, since in competition the best one will prevail, and we then essentially have the best options of best markets.

Cryptocurrency is that place.

It’s not necessarily Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies can be more efficient than others. Bitcoin is an early technology and can become a novelty like gold.

“Right after the invention of fire, there was combustion. That’s what cryptocurrency is like to the internet, which is most important to our era.” — Marc Angelo Coppola

The best thing we can do with cryptocurrency is use it and spend it. If it flows, the price rises. So if you give Bitcoins to someone, eventually they’ll have enough that they would want to trade it instead of horde, which will increase supply and demand, and the price accordingly.


Is this me?

We are programmed to make decisions based on our culture. Marc kept asking himself about everything he does from what toothbrush he uses, to what toilet system. He asked himself “Is it actually me?”

Marc puts his focus on how can we start making a small impact on the world every week. He says we don’t need more leaders, else more freelancers, people that ask themselves: “Is it me?”

Marc is trying to ride the philanthropreneurship movement and help it thrive through storytelling and opportunity.

“It’s about inspiring people to become philanthropreneurs, who would then inspire more people to become a philanthropreneur… We can change the world by using one hour a day for philanthropy.” — Marc Angelo Coppola


Superhero Academy opportunities

Next Superhero Academy Mastermind is in September 2018 in Montreal, Canada.


The impossible list

Marc keeps a list of challenges he’s going to take on in his life and it’s called The Impossible List. Some of the things on it are literally impossible like going to Mars, and some are big goals that are attainable, such as becoming a diving instructor, planting a million trees, building a school on every continent, and more.


Flow Stated — May 26, 2018

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