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Changing Human Behavior

Your reality, or at least the way you see it, your perspective, changes over time – doesn’t it?

But your perspective is not reality… it’s simply a version of it – it’s a perspective, a snapshot of “your reality” – and that differs from one person to the next

So what is reality? And better yet, how can you “create” your reality? Tune in and find out

3 moments you’re going to love from this episode include:

  • 01:06 to 01:59 – How your Environment Creates You
  • 15:05 to 15:58 – Modern Day Tribalism & its Role In Your Reality
  • 24:25 to 25:19 – The Reality Check Humanity Needs

Is What You Think Is Real, Actually Real…

…or is it just real to you?

This episode is essential listening for people who want to better understand:

  1. Why doing your own research is important and how to do it so you don’t fall into the “confirmation bias” hole
  2. How to take control of your life and your reality in times of chaos to create structure and order that allows for growth and abundance
  3. The hardest challenge when it comes to creating a new identity for yourself, and how to make it super simple & easy

Be Neo. Free Yourself from The Matrix

You are the string that holds your own kite back. You have ingrained cognitive bias and heuristics that cloud your judgment and create a reality that isn’t accurate with reality, simply “your reality”…

…the result? Sabotage, delusion, challenges, adversity, fighting, and more

Get Your 5 Human Cognitive Bias’ Running Your Life Guide to Understand The Biggest Bias’ You Have To Become Aware of Them & Limit Them In Your Life To Make Better Choices + Actions

Elias Arjun: Modern Day Morpheus

Elias Arjun is a master storyteller and expert of deconstructing human behavior, conditioning, and modern-day tribalism into simple, easy to understand bite-sized chunks. A recent PaleoFX Speaker – Elias is leading the charge toward Trut

Mike Bledsoe: Creator of Realities

Mike Bledsoe is an expert when it comes to taking idea’s and forming them into realities in the physical realm. From businesses to relationships and more, he knows exactly what it takes

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