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Breaking Social Norms

Don’t walk on the grass. Don’t talk back to people of authority. Don’t wear a scientist’s jacket and light-up sneakers to the airport as you’ll look like an idiot… Who made these rules? Who said these were the “norms” we should abide by? Who removed all the fun, play, connection, and socialism from our daily experiences? If you’re tired of the “way things are”, you’ll love this eye-opening and rebellious episode 3 moments you’re going to love from this episode include:
  • 11:11 to 11:35 – Smart Conformity & How It Can Change Your Life
  • 17:24 to 18:05 – Why Gamification is Killing Our Ability to Play
  • 54:56 to 55:14 – The Power of Being Alone

What Happens If…

…you break some of the “rules” that have been created by others for their own benefit and start doing the things that are authentic to you?

What if you blasted “Hallelujah” and “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang after an airplane safely lands?

Chances are, it’ll be the highlight of people’s day and create a memory for them

This episode is essential listening for people who want to better understand:

  1. The BS norms created by the society and how they actually limit your life experience
  2. Why you need more play in your life, what play really is, and how to create more play in your days
  3. The power of solitude and being alone with one’s self

Smart Non-Conformity

By seeing through the illusion of “rules” and “norms” that the majority of people mindlessly follow and do not challenge, the joy, fun, and love in your life can expand 

You begin to enter a state of smart non-conformity, where you’re doing what’s authentic to you and in alignment with nature + universal laws; not man-made constructs from decades past

Get Your 3 Social Norms To Break Guide to Understand The Social Norms You’re Currently Blind To & How To Break Them

Jaques Martiquet: The Party Scientist

A master of fun & connection, Jacques helps people unite & vitalize their lives. He is extensively researching the science of human connection to advance mental health

Mike Bledsoe: Human Pattern Interrupt

Mike Bledsoe is an expert when it comes to asking questions that expand perspectives & realities – helping people see clearly through the clouded reality of today

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