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Anela Lineham: Making the World a Better Place #54

Creating distinction, Integrating new patterns, Seeing yourself in others, Simple acts of kindness, and more.

Guest: Anela Lineham

Anela Lineham is a Motion/Breathwork Master and expert in Women’s Health with a focus on the biochemical, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a woman’s wellbeing. She has studied under Masters of NAAM, Kundalini & Vinyasa Yoga for over 30 years.

Lineham is also co-owner of Human Garage, the life-transformational holistic healing center, along with her husband, Garry Lineham (episode 26 + episode 45).

* This episode’s guest co-host is Ashley Bledsoe (episode 51).

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Energy cards

This was Anela Lineham’s first podcast ever. To get the conversation started, she, Mike, and Ashley, pulled “magic” energy cards. Lineham wanted to see where they can take their conversation. She likes to use energy cards for fun and for help with the direction.

She also recommends using the cards when you get lost in the journey and need a sign on what direction to go. The words are great for reinitiating the feeling of connection, resonating with your frequency, and helping reground your belief system.

The cards that they all pulled were: Anela: Empowerment, Mike: Perception, Ashley: Healing and Integration.


Creating distinction

Mike set his intentions for 2018 to play around with new distinctions to help open up to new roams and realities. His mission is to be more conscious of the words he is using. Specifically, playing with new words he’s not commonly using, and playing with new meanings to words he is commonly using.

“You can make any word mean anything you want.” — Mike Bledsoe


Integrating new patterns

A lot of people invest in ways to change themselves, but have a hard time integrating. You might have taken a Tony Robbins seminar or another personal development workshop, where you felt energized, pumped, and full of intentions to make critical life changes. But after a couple of weeks, the new energy is gone and you are back to your old habits.

To make a long-lasting change, you need to consciously integrate your new patterns. Beyond learning new things, it’s more important to integrate the new vibrations and new patterns, so you can actually create the new and improved version of yourself.


Seeing yourself in others

Lineham thinks it’s important to be able to stop and pay attention to your breath and belief system. She constantly plays this game with herself when she interacts with other people, where she tries to have the perception of herself from another person’s point of view.

She thinks of it like a mirror looking back in. During the podcast she was imagining: “What if I was Mike looking at Anela? What if I was Ashley looking at Anela?”

“Whoever I’m meeting or walking down the street… I’m seeing people and I’m seeing myself in each person I’m meeting.” — Anela Lineham

When we have the consciousness and awareness to identify ourselves in everyone around us, our heart opens up more, and we heal on a physical and cellular level.

“I see myself as how I project myself to others, so that’s how they also see me. So if I see myself as whole and complete, you’re going to see me as whole and complete, and you’re going to see yourself as whole and complete. And it’s like a way of being to see each other and myself. If I see myself as lacking, then you are going to see me as lacking as well in some way. So the perception and the projection that we give out of ourselves is how people see us. We have the ability to create how we want to show up fully for each other.” — Ashley Bledsoe


Simple acts of kindness

Anela Lineham thinks we are all healers. We all touch people with simple acts of kindness that are healing. When you open to the door to someone, say hello, or simply walk down the street with a smile on your looking at another person’s eyes, you are healing people.

When Lineham was younger she wanted to go to Africa, bring food, and help save people. She didn’t like it when someone said to her: “Save yourself, make sure you are good.” But overtime she marinated on it, and learned to focus on the simple things. She focuses on helping herself and her environment, giving energy to people who come in contact with her.

Pro tip: When you feel down and depressed and don’t know what to do with yourself, renew yourself by finding someone in a lower position and helping that person.

“You just have to be happy and joyful and just allow everything else to exist around you in the same way.” — Anela Lineham



Self-care is about doing thing that feed your soul without feeling guilty. Ashley used to see self-care as a physical thing, such as getting her hair or nails done, which are part of self-care and make her feel good. But those things weren’t nurturing and nourishing her soul that much. She was looking for things that make her feel rested and loved.

Ashley found her form of self-love and self-care through things that make her feel rested and loved. For example: Sitting on the couch reading a book cuddled up in a blanket. That’s what truly nourishes her soul.

It’s important to cherish and soak up the moment of relaxation and self-care. We all feel like we need to do a lot of things, so it’s important to shut down the mind and let the body relax, so when you get back to what you want to accomplish you are nourished with renewed energies.

Pro tip: Show your spouse some love with small gestures, such as flowers, a bath, a hug, a kiss on the cheek, a note, etc. All of those help nourish one another.


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Making bold requests

It’s important to make bold requests and be assertive on what you want in life. That’s when people show up. A lot of us use soft talk when we want something. For example: When you want attention from your spouse, transform “I kinda need attention.” to “I need attention.” Challenge yourself to make bold requests. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

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We are responsible to create unity

Anela Lineham grew up in Bosnia and escaped the Bosnian War to London. She saw the real dark side of the world, witnessing innocent people die as part of conflicting spiritual beliefs. She has learned to make sure her personal vibration is about healing. She believes we have the power to affect people on the other side of the world with our energy just by setting our intentions.

She believes we can send our energy in such a meaningful way to stop wars. Empowerment and self-care starts with us. We are responsible to come together and create vibrant, healthy communities. Creating unity and sharing experiences. We are all in the same boat, so may as well figure out how have fun with it.

“As one unit you can do a lot, but as you vibrate on this frequency… Happy wife, happy life, happy families, and happy couples, and happy unity and community, that’s the vibration that we need to focus on collectively.” — Anela Lineham


The mind is our sixth sense

Even though our best healing modality is having gratitude, we all forget to be grateful. Lineham loves to do walking meditations to ignite her soul with gratefulness and appreciation, as gratitude helps forget about the pains and aches in our lives.

Modern humans have become conditioned to rely on our minds, but sometimes we need a different perspective. We don’t believe in simple things anymore. The mind creates reasons and also disagrees with itself. We tend to identify with the mind, which can make things complicated, which then makes life seem complicated.

Buddhism considers the mind more objectively, perceiving it as our sixth sense. When you think of your mind as a sense, not as who you are, you have a better change to not get stuck in it.

Pro tip: Cannabis might help you connect to your body and Anela helped her mom change her life perspective with cannabis. Her mom went through years of war in Bosnia and suffered from PTSD. She gave her 5mg of Sprig, a cannabis drink.


Control your breath

The Bledsoe’s are travelling through 2018 (episode 51) and while on the road, they are teaching various breath techniques, helping people build better motor patterns. If you master to control your breath, you can control your mind, and even though it is so simple, we are not doing it.

Most of the regulation that is happening in the nervous system is unconscious and happens at the breath, but we can consciously control the brain and the nervous system, and even train the capacity of our nervous system. You can use breath to immediately downregulate or upregulate your nervous systems.

Since the nervous system and the endocrine system are interrelated, when you control your breath, you impact every cell in your body. Unfortunately medical schooling systems separate the nervous system and endocrine system, which is a big problem.

Because the breath is so powerful, Lineham thinks it should be mandatory in kindergarten. When you learn to notice the changes in your breath, heart rate, and energy, you can even use breath to even stop the flu from getting to you.


Energy leaks

People are constantly leaking energy. Energy doesn’t just come in form of calories, else there’s so much other stuff. The two place you lose most of your energy is your eyes and your sex organs. Sitting next to computer screen, a sedentary lifestyle, and living in a concrete jungle, all contribute to energy leakage.

The average human being’s spinal fluid circulates every 12 hours, but you have the power to speed up that process and even create a cleaner energy, leading to better cognition. Imagine the spine like toothpaste, and squeeze from your pelvic floor all the way up to your head. That’s how you can send energy up your spine and create more flow.

Energy creation techniques

  1. Pineal gland/Third eye leakage — Push your tongue to the roof of your mouth (it’s the same as pushing into the pineal gland), which creates a connection where energy can move in a loop.
  2. Sex organs (do this while you are having sex) — Squeeze your sex organs, push your tongue to the pineal gland, close your eyes, and breathe from your front to back.

Pro tip: Get a living plant for your desk so you can draw energy from it while technology is drawing energy from you.

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