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Anat Peri: Training Camp for the Soul #49

It’s all about belief, Where have you settled?, How the subconscious mind works, Beliefs that limit us, and more.

Guest: Anat Peri

Anat Peri is a self-love expert and transformational performance coach known for the creation of her Journey to Love™, Journey to Creation™ and Training Camp for the Soul™ programs. She has worked amongst the most highly respected spiritual teachers and trailblazers in the fields of wellness and self development, including Deepak Chopra and Landmark, for more than a decade. Today, she is highly sought after for her work with subconscious reprogramming and mind-body psychology.

Anat is certified as a life coach and executive coach, tension & trauma release exercises (TRE™), and as a hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner. She uniquely combines various modalities with personal life experience to create a profound and loving dive into the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds, thereby facilitating an all encompassing and lasting impact for her clients worldwide.​

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Resources: Training Camp for the Soul — March 15–21, 2018


Who is Anat Peri?

Anat Peri is a self-love expert, transformational coach, performance coach and a healer. She has been coaching personal development for the past 13 years, working with various mentors and body-mind psychologists, including organizations like Chopra Center and Landmark.

Peri developed herself and her craft through individually coaching over 1,000 people and supervising courses of over 200 people. She specializes in the development and understanding of how people think and feel, and teaches how to read body language, and how to get to the root of what’s in your way.

People usually go to Anat when they are fed up, and are experiencing the same issues over and over again. They usually need to do more work on themselves, figure more stuff out, and learn how to manage themselves. She helps people get to the root of their issues, and also gives them tools and creates the space to cope with those issues. Although, going deep is not easy for anyone, which means each of her clients needs to have the desire and strength to weather their own storm.

Mike was one of Peri’s clients. He used to create shortcuts and hacks to notice things in his mind and have greater awareness. Those thoughts and feelings would pass through, but they also kept coming back again and again. Peri helped Mike get rid of those thoughts and feelings permanently. Over time, Mike sent his own clients to Peri and noticed how his clients had their own transformation. Today, Mike co-coaches side-by-side along Peri the same principles she taught him back when he took her workshop.


It’s all about belief

Peri empowers her clients, helping them feel like they have the power to create whatever they want. She says it’s all about belief. When people change their belief, they can get out of suffering, the struggle, or survival mode, and have permission to create what they actually feel like.

For Mike, he was working harder and harder, but wasn’t getting the results he was looking for. He even had everything on paper: the home, the wife, the job, friends, parties, social engagements, vacations… But he was still missing something and experienced suffering.

Some of Peri’s clients feel the urge to propose to their significant other, and others get an urge to get a divorce. Some get permission to play in their business, relationship, or whatever they create. After taking Peri’s retreat, Training Camp for the Soul, Mike learned how to play more. He now gets more shit done, with less effort, and with more finesse. 


We all need more play

When children play, they do so for the fun of playing. For adults, play time is almost non-existent today. Most people keep reaching for bigger and bigger goals (sometimes unachievable goals), making sacrifices over and over again, and get exhausted from pushing too hard.

Why do all of us try to accumulate all kinds of stuff? Whether it’s material stuff, wealth, relationships, homes, experiences, vacations, etc. All those are great on their own, but are we experiencing the journey to accomplish these things? Are we enjoying life and having fun? Cause that’s the experience of being alive.

When we have less of a need to get somewhere in life, we get to enjoy play more. Mike is celebrating his winnings now. He’s not trying to double on his goals and reach further and further, he dialed back his efforts and he lets himself play more often.


Where have you settled?

Most people chase something for some reason. It could be financial, from growing up without money, or emotional, from being rejected by a girl in the 1st grade, etc. Either people chase money, a certain job, or to look good, most of the time it stems from feeling like they are losers or not worthy.

Acting out of desperation is not fun. It’s hard, and it makes you want to give up. It also makes you think life is a struggle, which is not true. People have it all, they just keep looking for something more. And that something more doesn’t exist, it’s about clearing out the way to do more of what you actually want.

Most people are not living to what’s true in their heart. To do so, you need to figure out what you can let go of, and create space for something else to emerge. Mike recognized that he started settling at some point and eventually he was not living his life. He got into entrepreneurship to step out of the rat race, but created another one on the way.

Peri teaches people to be more, do less, and allow miracles to show up. She helps people take an outside, objective look at their life and figure out what really matters to them.


How the subconscious mind works

90–95% of the time our subconscious is running the show. Think about it, either it’s drinking water, walking, driving, etc. Most of what you do during the day, you don’t think about it. It’s programmed in your mind. We wouldn’t be able to function if we had to think about everything we do.

Most of what we know we learn through hearing, seeing, and energy, and over time things get imprinted in our subconscious. There is also a special time our life when things get imprinted better, which is good for positive stuff and bad for negative stuff. In the first 7 years of our life we are in a theta state, which means what we learn during that time gets imprinted in our subconscious and stays there pretty much forever.

It’s good for a 2.5 year old, who can learn Spanish and English at the same time. But it’s bad for a baby who has to be around a dad who yells at mom or even hits her. It could also be a positive thing to see your parents always working, so you can develop a good work ethic, but it can also backfire and lead to exhaustion when taken too far.



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Beliefs that limit us

Most of us are operating our adult lives based on what was imprinted in our life until we were 7. When Peri taught at a Barbell Mastermind event, she handed out sheets to all participants with written beliefs that might resonate with them. Altogether, there were 200–300 possible limiting beliefs, not necessarily negative beliefs, but ones that limit you.

The self-limiting belief themes included:

  • Not worthy — “You will be alone”, “You are a loser”, “You are fat”, “You are stupid”…
  • No one will do it right unless I do it — When you want to be the best yourself and not empower others. People who think they are leaders, but actually act like dictators.
  • Please others at your own expense —When people make others happy even though it cause them to suffer. For example: Thinking “I don’t want to hurt their feelings.”
  • Be self-sufficient — Thinking you never should ask for help, and always be self-sufficient, which can be exhausting and lonely.
  • Victim case —Thinking you don’t matter or nobody cares about you.


Mike’s transformation journey

When Mike received the sheets of limiting beliefs from Peri, he found many that applied to him. After doing deep work on the retreat, he realized that he thought of himself as a “stupid loser”.

His story was wrong. Mike was doing things that were not true to himself. He realized he used to learn a lot of things just so he can sound smarter during conversations. He didn’t want people to think he’s stupid.

Peri helped bring practical application to these ideas and Mike learned how to let go of that belief. He now learns things more effectively because he’s genuinely interested for his own sake. He also enjoys jiu-jitsu more than ever. He truly doesn’t give a fuck how he looks on the mat, he’s really curious and enjoys the process of learning. He’s playing.

Mike is at the best shape of his life right now and feels the best. He also learned how to love and appreciate his body more after he got rid of a belief that he should dominate his body and it was supposed to be punished.

Pro tip: Don’t take too many pre-workout drinks and supplements. It’s dangerous to to override tiredness with stimulants. Mike believes that majority of people that are doing hormone replacement therapy is a result of punishing their body for too long. He believes it can be avoided by showing love to your body and slowing the fuck down.

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Areas of self-development

Usually people act like adults in some areas and act like kids in other, but we all have expectations to be treated like adults at all times once we reach a certain age. Peri helps people transform their dysfunction and unlearn beliefs. Particularly she helps people develop these areas:

  • Experiencing needs and wants and being able to express them —  They’re beyond food, shelter, air, and water…
  • Setting healthy limits and boundaries — Learning how to set expectations well, both in business and relationships. Learning not to avoid the tough conversations and how to tell people your clear boundaries. Learning your limits when you’re working out, spending money, eating food, etc.
  • Self-esteem — How to feel worthy. A lot of people walk around carrying themselves confident, but they have low self-esteem, which has do with worthiness.
  • Responsibility—Learning it’s ok to make mistakes and learn from your mistakes.When people blame others or play the victim, they don’t see themselves as responsible and act out of defense. When you take responsibility, you get your power back.
  • Accountability — Being accountable for what you’re experiencing or feeling. Your connection to yourself and your ability to connect with others.


Mind, body, and energy

Training Camp for the Soul is focused on your mind, body, and energy:

Mind — You will slow down your brain waves from beta to theta and open the unconscious to repair it, replacing your script with what you actually believe in.

Body — You will downregulate your nervous system to rest, digest and heal. Most people are in heightened state: fight, flight, or freeze. Either from a car accident or from pushing their body too hard in a workout, people store stress and tension in the nervous system. If something is always bothering you or you always feel anxious, then you’re always in a heightened state. Peri will teach you to how to release tension and chill out. You will get rest, your digestion will improve, and you will start to heal.

Energy—Release internal blocks. All your emotions are energy in motion. When emotions want to be expressed, but they don’t get to, they get stuck in the system, blocking the flow, and creating pain. For example: If a kid wants to cry and his dad says: “Big boys don’t cry.” The kid holds this emotion and creates blockage in his body.


Making long-lasting changes

After the retreat, Mike’s posture improved and he was also moving with more ease. The first 90 days of integration are mostly about developing new muscles, which are weak in the beginning, as you’re replacing your old beliefs with new. You need to consistently act according to your new script. After 90 days, it get easier. It’s just about taking action in alignment with the beliefs you’ve planted in there.

“The more you start acting in your new script, the better you’re gonna get.” — Anat Peri

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