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Amateo Ra & Jordanne Brenkwitz. Liquid Gold: from Micro-Dosing to Bitcoin

Amateo & Jordanne are the founders of Avant Terra. Avant Terra is a Global community of real life superheroes whose mission is to support and inspire the leaders unifying humanity into the new renaissance age. Their clients are elite visionaries and global game changers who produce World-Class transformational experiences and events.

In this episode we cover:

  • EMF (electromagnetic frequency)
  • We drink liquid gold
  • How I’ve gone from skeptic to ambassador
  • Liquid LSD Shaman guided trips
  • Bitcoin and the decentralized economy

Amateo Ra, specializes as a creative strategy coach and consultant. Amateo has over 10-years of Metaphysical Science, Spirituality, Coaching and Business Training. Beginning at the age of 22, he undertook several apprenticeships with internationally renowned channels and energy practitioners, to learn and develop mastery in these arts. Amateo is known as one of the most talented and effective intuitive mentors in the consciousness, coaching, and emergent technology space. ​

Jordanne Brenkwitz, creative visionary, strategic genius and powerful divine muse for her beloved Amateo Ra. An avid world-traveler, natural healer, and lover of life, Jordanne is most recently recognized for her impactful service in the Tony Robbin’s empire. She served 4 successful years in Tony’s corporate organization as Creative Development Manager and Program Director of Tony’s most elite global mastermind, the Platinum Partnership.

Dedicated to a life ‘in service to others’, with over 10 years experience in the personal development and transformational coaching world, Jordanne’s powerfully developed set of creative skills make her the highly-effective consultant she is – specializing in luxury event production, creative development, conscious business development, high-level problem solving, and decision making.

Jordanne and Amateo are passionate about infusing Oneness technology and principles into modern cutting-edge conscious companies – to ultimately create a better world. A world full of thriving global societies, efficiently operating in harmony with nature, once again.

You can learn more about Amateo & Jordanne, and their emergent company Avant Terra at:


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