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Adam Gilad: The Way of the Inspired Man #60

Shifting your mindset, Burning Man and ayahuasca, The Way of Inspired Man Summit, Masculinity vs. Femininity, and more.

Guest: Adam Gilad

Adam Gilad is an author, coach, traveler, provocateur, the Creator of The Way of the Inspired Man Summit, and CEO of The Bold Life Academy and The Hidden World of Millionaires. Gilad is also an Emmy-Nommed Executive Producer, Stanford Humanities Center Fellow and Co-Owner and Host of National Lampoon Radio. He will teach you how to create “Inspired Systems” to super-vitalize your inner life, your life with women and your success in the world.

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Resources: The Way of the Inspired Man Summit, The Hidden World of Millionaires, The Bold Life Academy

Coming Soon: Look out for Adam Gilad’s new podcast in Late April 2018 called “Fuck Normal — The Bold Life Gilad Podcast”


Shifting your mindset

Adam Gilad worked in wall street, was an academic, and a screenwriter, but sucked at all of these jobs and was struggling with money and life in general. His ex-wife gave him the idea that he doesn’t have money karma or the ability to make money, and he even got himself into a big deft, owing $375,000!

When Gilad started dating again after leaving his wife, he met an uber rich woman who shifted his mindset to “Everything is possible.” Shortly after his mindset shift, Gilad discovered the opportunities of the internet. He invested $2k on a online marketing seminar, which rocked his world about how he can start a business with virtually no startup cost.

Following his online course, he created a website on how to write a dating profile, which made him $60K within a month and a half!


Burning Man and ayahuasca

Adam Gilad’s world opened up even wider after he went to Peru to do ayahuasca and attended Burning Man in 2007. Burning Man was Gilad’s first introduction to a community of people that question everything and made their own choices. His son, who is a Jazz musician in New york City, is most appreciative for Gilad taking him to Burning Man, because that’s where he learned who he was.

“I can do whatever I want, I can do whoever I want.” — Adam Gilad


The Way of Inspired Man Summit

For the past 14 years, Gilad has been teaching dating, relationships skills, and personal growth. Today, he focuses on teaching men how to live a bold life, externally and internally because a lot of guys are confused on what’s appropriate masculine and assertive versus over the line and aggressive.

The Way of the Inspired Man Summit is a series of over 30 Free Trainings on practical, life-sharpening paths into your true power and happiest life. The summit is a 15 day online series of trainings with over 30 Men’s leaders from all walks of life, who talk about how they created their inspired life with a focus on the spectrum of masculinity.

“Stopping using the term ‘real man’, because a guy that stays at home and takes care of his kids, plays tea party with his daughter, you know in the afternoon, so she has a beautiful, positive experience of the masculine growing up, that’s a real fucking man. Firefighter, fucking real man. Soldier, real man. A psychologist, a guy that sits in hospice with people who are dying, they’re all a versions of the masculine. They’re all versions of protectiveness, kindness, booning… There are lots of way of being a man.” — Adam Gilad

The end goal is to teach men that there’s no ‘real man’ they have to live up to and there are lots of positive ways to be masculine. Gilad was inspired to create the summit following David Deida’s work, whom he also partnered with in the past. Deida is known for writing bestseller The Way of the Superior Man.


Masculinity vs. Femininity

David Deida’s work shed light on the fact that every human being has the spectrum of feminine to masculine. Masculinity and femininity are not attached to either gender and can be expressed in both.

You are not either masculine or feminine, the artistry of life is the ability to cultivate your self-choice so you can play the whole spectrum. By nature, masculine created order and shape, and the feminine is the receptive and also the flow of nature, love and connection.

People are generally happy when the feminine is flowing and the masculine is holding and beholding. As men, we have the option of playing the masculine when it’s needed, but also know when to be more feminine when needed. As a father there are times when it’s important protect your family, and there are times it’s important to be calm and receptive, listening to your spouse and kids.

“The masculine is the river banks and the feminine is the water that flows.” — David Deida

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