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A Health Conversation for Critical Thinkers

A Health Conversation for Critical Thinkers

Dr. Zia Nix is a chiropractor, president of Essential Elevation, and an advocate of dōTERRA. dōaTERRA® produces and distributes exceptionally high quality CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils through more than three million independent distributors, also known as Wellness Advocates, around the world. In addition to a premium line of essential oils used by individuals and health-care professionals alike, dōTERRA also offers products that are naturally safe, purely effective, and infused with CPTG® essential oils, including personal care and spa products, nutritional supplements, and healthy living products.

Dr. Zia Nix is a chiropractor, president of Essential Elevation, and an advocate of dōTERRA. dōaTERRA® produces and distributes exceptionally high quality CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils through more than three million independent distributors, also known as Wellness Advocates, around the world. In addition to a premium line of essential oils used by individuals and health-care professionals alike, dōTERRA also offers products that are naturally safe, purely effective, and infused with CPTG® essential oils, including personal care and spa products, nutritional supplements, and healthy living products.

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Dr Zia’s Experience In Peru

Portrait to Machu Picchu
Photographer: Gianella Castro | Source: Unsplash

Mike: What was it like being down in Peru for three months, eight weeks and the jungle and then coming back and then it seemed like the whole world was burning down.

Dr. Zia : Well, first I want to say my thank you so much for inviting me on. It was, it was great when, when Rochelle introduced us and I took time to check you out also. As you know. And so, so yeah, after looking at, at your work and, and your social media, I I'm, I'm really excited and that we got to have this conversation. So thank you for the invitation. I got back from Peru, like two or three days before everything just went, Oh, that's not true. I got back probably a week before everything went crazy. I got back a few days before they shut down travel. So I just kind of just made it back from fruit before they, they, you know, close the borders.

And for that first week I slept the entire first week. So I didn't even notice what's going on in the world until after that first week. But it was, you know, you go from being in the jungle where the jungle is just an incredibly magical place. The plants come to life, the animals come to life, you know, they, they all started talking to you and teaching you lessons. There's a lesson everywhere you turn. And every, every moment and really an exercise and living in the present moment.

Having an open heart

Dr. Zia: So the goal from that space of being really just open and the plant diets that I did really the focus with, all of them was thinking sinking me deeper and deeper into my heart space, understanding the healing power of love, understanding that really deep, deep core level that love and an open heart is our greatest protection and exactly what we need to go to our next level.

And this a friend sent me a cute meme about how, we're in this video game and our, and our goal is to get to the next level through the video game. And so, you know, an open heart is, is the way to get to the next level and also doing an incredible amount of healing, incredible amount of, of meditation.

And I'll speak some more about the details of the time and the jungle, because it's really something that I feel is an absolute gift to get to do if you can, but coming back and being so open and having these massive massive experiences and really mean, you know, just coming back with an open heart and wanting to maintain that at all costs, which really I think we should do in life anyway in that first week was just needing to balance that with also ground and center and protect my energy and integrate the experience without the influence of what's going on in the world, right?

Having a strong warrior spirit

Dr. Zia: The fear that was happening, the confusion that was happening. And so being able to, to stand in my energy in my power, everything that I knew to be true while all of this was going on outside of the world, it's kind of a metaphor for, for every day. It was just kind of 300 times, but it normally is. So, but that first month was very, very hard. But after that first month, I realized at that time in Peru really prepared me for everything that's going on here, because I think I've always been a warrior and I've done martial arts for years, and it's just, I grew up in New York, right?

Dr. Zia: So that warrior spirit is really strong for me, but being in Peru and learning from the plans and experiencing that really took the spiritual warrior in me to a level that I've never been to. I've never been before. And so, yeah, it's really what in a time right now, where it's kind of scary to speak up and scary to engage in, in forwarding conversations. There's no, there's really no fear, no concern, no whatsoever. So this is the level of trust it has been, has been really, really incredible. And I've always had that, but being in the jungle with the plants really increased it to a level that I didn't even know that I was capable of. Yeah. I might have thought that I could reach it at some point, but I didn't know how, and, and so it's, yeah, it's a wonderful, wonderful gift that I got there.

Dr. Zia: And so I do want to say that plant medicine, it's, it's amazing. The traditions are amazing. I study with a bunch of people with the Ayahuasca Foundation. I do want to say that it's extremely important to do your training – do plant medicine ceremonies with people who are responsible with really clean energy who have really great training, who know how to handle the space, because we are opening up to other dimensions and other worlds that we need someone who really is able to guide us through that space with integrity and with honesty and with,with, pure light, pure intention, and with God.

Mike’s Shipibo Experience

Mike: I've sat with Shipibo and also the Colombian tradition that was passed from who knows how far back it goes. And I've also sat with Americans that had spent, I remember a couple I had sat with, they had been studying for seven years and then came back and that came to my house and served me there.

And there was a difference. And not saying that theirs was bad, it was, it was still really good. And I hear a lot of Americans that do medicine here and they're having very healing experiences and it's great. And when they go and sit with somebody, who's been sitting with the medicine for 30, 40, 50 years, and they were sitting with someone who had sat with the medicine for 70 years, the woman I sit with, she's been sitting with it for 63 years and the experience and the depth in which we can travel.

And with them, for me has been night and day. And a lot of my friends whose first experiences were, which were cause my first experience was in Peru and my friends who had their first experience in America. And then they go down to Peru or Columbia and they go, Oh, I didn't know. It actually can go deeper than medicine. Extremely powerful. And yeah, for me, that's what makes it possible.

Dr Zia’s Experience of Healing

Without wings I can feel free
Photographer: Mohamed Nohassi | Source: Unsplash

Mike: You said two things that really stuck out to me. One was you talked about it being a very healing experience down there, but also you were talking about the warrior archetype being online there. And I, I imagine that most people that have yet to have this type of experience may think about those as different things. You have the warrior over here and you've got healing over here, but you wouldn't, these two things don't really go together is the way that most people probably when they hear those, can you explain what your experience of healing and how the warrior plays with that?

Dr. Zia: The being a warrior is, is an absolute requirement for healing. And I've been of that belief. I started doing plant medicine five years ago, but I've had that belief for the last 20, 25 years, because what I've seen is that when people have physical ailments, unless we deal with it from all of the different facets of our being. There's physical, there's emotional, there's spiritual, there's chemical, there's all these different parts that make us up.

We're very, very dynamic and we have to have a multilayered approach. Otherwise we're not going to get, we're not going to get healing. And I think more and more people are realizing that, which is why there's this movement towards spent medicine and towards spiritual healing and awakening. And so in order for us to heal our spiritual, emotional, mental wounds, we've got to be a warrior. We've gotta be able to look at our shadow. We've gotta be able to, to move through a hard times.

The journey of transformation

Dr. Zia: Like spiritual awakening is not easy. It requires a warrior, right. To be able to do that. And you know, there's, I love Carolyn Mace used to talk about, you know, to get from point a to point B we're at point a, we want to get to point B, we have to be go through a complete deconstruction or destruction of who we are so that we can get to who we are to become.

And so we go through this complete destruction of the ego, the self, the belief is there's a complete breakdown and all of that, so that we can be rebuilt in to the person who can hold the vibration of something higher, something stronger, something better that we're moving towards. And so we go through this and there's kind of this Valley that we're in, and this is the point of really real transformation takes place, right? Because this is the point where either we can go back to point a and say, this is too hard.

Or we keep going to point B, we keep fighting. And we, we bring up that word, your spirit. And we become warrior is really for our future self. Right? I love the saying of do something today that your future self will thank you for. And there's so many times, or I'm sitting in my, in my life and my experience and, and become completely aware and centered in the present moment with just incredible gratitude to my former self, a badass warrior. And became relentless and creating this life for me. And so when we're in this Valley, this is where a lot of people will tend to numb out. Alright, drink drugs, go shopping, go party, go to sleep.

So as far as your question was about healing and the warrior, And so my experience in practice has been that if someone is not living on purpose, if they're not happy in their relationships, if they haven't healed the childhood wounds, if there's no really inspired vision for the future, people get sick.

And so it would be, it would not make sense to, to address the physical manifestation of a problem without addressing the root cause. Right. And so, because that root cause is oftentimes hard to deal with and easy to walk away from that requires a warrior. Right? And so healing comes from developing that word spirit.

But then as we, as we do that and we move into a space of greater awareness, greater connection, and we, and we start to heal. I remember I was about 10 years into my spiritual journey. And I said to one of my teachers like, dude, I've been doing this 10 years. Like at what point is there a piece? And I got to get to that easy and you know, and she said, you know, no, no, right.

Because then we get to, after we heal ourselves, then we get to work on our lineage and our ancestors and the world. And then we get to work on our greater purpose. Right. And so migrated purpose is to taking care of the children of the world and making sure that, you know, children have loving families and, and, and, and every step of the way we're stretching ourselves every step of the way. And so that requires, that requires commitment.

And I like to think of the warriors, you know, there's, there's something really bad ass about a warrior who never has to pick up a weapon. A warrior through, through unwavering commitment, right. Through passion, through intention, through, through creating connection and curiosity and, and, and awareness.

Mike’s Opinion on COVID-19

coronavirus ,community,Body temperature detection,Coronavirus COVID-19
Photographer: kian zhang | Source: Unsplash

Mike: One of the things I've witnessed and an opinion I've formed over the last few months is that the people who are the most afraid of COVID-19 are the ones, not always, but the majority are confused about how to be healthy. They actually don't know what it means to be healthy. And so they're terrified. And the people, because I know that people who are the healthiest, who we've been taking care of ourselves for years, you know, most of my life, this came along and like, you know, the first few weeks I was going, what is this?

You know, never seen anything like this before never seen the media report things, the way they're reporting things so on and so forth. And then after doing, you know, and, and when it was being reported, you know, people, I remember being thrown in text message threads and Facebook groups and all this stuff. And they're talking about the attributes of this novel virus. And I go, it's actually, it sounds like the attributes of every virus I've ever read about, like, I actually studied viruses before.

Like it's been a decade since I, you know, read much about it. I go, this doesn't look special as far as like, how it transfers from one person who not like none of this seems special. I mean, obviously I do believe there are some things that make it different. Don't get me wrong. But like the majority of what people are focusing on, like you do realize that's how you've ever gotten every virus you've ever had. That's when it started getting, like, I won't say like comical, but kind of like, you know, turning my head a little bit and going, Oh once I read and understood what was going on, I go, well, I'm not really scared of this thing.

And not only that, when it did hit and I was not sure of what exactly what was going on. I went into a protocol where I was fasting once a week and I was doing combo once a week, which is a really amazing, it's a frog medicine. It's really amazing for boosting the immune system, amongst many other things as a whole five shows at another time, I've done a couple on it, but yeah. I immediately went into how do I boost my immune system as much as possible in the presence of an unknown threat and, and what was really good about it.

Least healthy people are the one’s who are scary

Mike: But I mean, we're three months in now and I'm, you know, I've connected with old friends, you know, like one of my buddies connected with him, he works at Google here in San Francisco. And, you know, I could tell it was like, he just doesn't know, like he gave up on trying to understand. He's like, you know what, I'm just going to do what, you know, it's going to wear the mask. And I'm just going to like take the vaccine when it comes along. And, you know, like, I'm just going to cross my fingers between now and then, you know what, maybe I'll do a little bit of yoga or whatever.

And I'm like, Oh, okay, cool. And it was just, it's been interesting that the people, and he's a young, healthy guy, but what I'm witnessing is the people who were the most scared. Obviously the people who are the least healthy, you know, if you're obese and have heart disease and all that stuff, it's like, Oh, this is, this is scary for you. But I, and I, I, me and a lot of my friends, my network, or we get a little frustrated cause it's like, you know, I've only been dedicating the majority of my adult life to teaching people how to be healthy.

And you've ignored me this whole time. And now, and now you want me to change my habit, you know? It's like you don't want me to go to the park or whatever. So like, it's been an interesting thing to watch as, as an entire culture, because I think you and I are probably a lot of light and that up until this point, it's kind of just doing what we do. It's like, I'm going to take care of my health and I'm going to live my life. And now it's like, the entire world just locked down and it's like, Oh, well, you can't exactly live your life anymore.Like, we're getting pulled into the average or the lowest common denominator in the classroom. It's like, Oh, we got to keep up with those kids now.

And I may, I may sound like I'm being arrogant or whatever, but it's, cause I we've made the hard choices for the majority of our lives. We didn't watch the TV every night. You know, we skipped drinking the six pack of beer and we were called prudes and all that stuff, but yeah, I'm off on a rant and just fired up.

Dr. Zia: Yeah. And it goes along with what we've been talking about, that people don't want to be responsible and do the hard work. And, you know, instead of taking a pill, it's taking, it's getting a vaccine and it's wearing a mask and I what's concerning to me is that more people don't do research around the medication that they're taking around the food that they're eating around the vaccine that they are considering.

And so they like to call out people who are against vaccinations anti-vaxxers. Well. No, we're actually for health. These word plays become really mess with mess with our minds quite a bit. So the people who are the least healthy fear COVID-19 yeah, absolutely. Many of them in this experience have woken up right. And started looking for more answers and have really started changing their lifestyles and changing the way that they, they walked through their day and the thoughts that we have, and a lot of us in this process of, of waking up, I realized that everything we've ever been told for the most part is untrue.

Too much misinformation about Covid

Dr. Zia: If that's not true, then what else is not true? Right. It's not true. It's and, and, and solely what I've found is that I think as I dig in and I dissect and I research and I'm a research junkie history, religion science, right. They have all been, been distorted throughout history to fit, to fit the narrative that they want us to believe.

And so, you know, for me, when people like to call people, you know, dismiss people who, who ask questions and are, are curious and want to find the truth as conspiracy theorists. And now I think the people that are still holding on to that terminology are just like, they're right there holding on to the security for dear life. But for me, I always, it makes me angry when people lie to me, it makes me think when I realized that I've been manipulated, even if there's just the possibility of that.

And so I like to arm myself with knowledge and with information, and I think that's something that's really coming to light with this whole COVID thing is that because there is so much misinformation about it. And I look at everything, I look at mainstream media because I want to see what people are seeing. Right. What, what people are I dig into the, you know, the, the truth thirds, I dig into the citizen journalists, I dig into what's going on in the court system. And so that we have a full picture.

And there's so many people who will just watch one yeah. Fox, or they only watch CNN, or they only watch MSNBC. And again, it's giving away our power. Because it takes work to dig. It takes work to take in different information from different sources and then decide for yourself what, what resonates with me?

Coming to my own conclusions, with all of the information, it's just another way of giving away our power. And so what we really mean. It is a commitment to, to taking back yeah. Back our power, taking back our control, taking back our minds. There's, there's so much brainwashing and mind control going on.

How To Become a Warrior and Take Full Responsibility

medieval armor
Photographer: Henry Hustava | Source: Unsplash

Mike: So what people are listening to this, and maybe they're having trouble trusting themselves, trusting God, universe, whatever you want to call it. And they, they do want to be more of a warrior and step into step into taking full responsibility. What, what do you have? What's the message you have for those people? What are some good first steps?

Dr. Zia: I think the first step is awareness, right? Awareness is, is going to be key moment by moment because our minds, you know, there's the so called monkey mind, that's right. A million thoughts minute. And those thoughts have an effect on our energetic body, on our physical body, on our emotional wellbeing. And, you know, and as we said earlier, as I said earlier, you know, we're becoming so sensitive energetically to each other that, yeah, you can, you can have a thought in their important emotion that might not be yours.

Everyone's experienced when someone comes into the room, who's angry. All of a sudden, everyone feels that agitation, or, you know, you, you walk into a space where everyone is stressed out and all of a sudden you feel stressed out. You don't even know why you're stressed out. And there's an awareness when we have awareness of, well, what am I thinking in this, in this moment? And it doesn't belong to me, or does it belong to that, that other person, or does it belong to the TV show or does it belong to the song that I just listened?

So awareness is going to be really that's, that's going to be one of our best, our best tools. The other thing is, is a resolute resolute kind of commitment to getting to our next level, right? As individuals and understanding that it cannot be done in a group, it cannot be done in a couple. It cannot be done, you know, with friends, it's an individual journey and we might have our soul group that we grow with and we guide each other and we share information and we share stories and we support one another.

But the work is done by only, you it's only the individual. And so it's that commitment to whatever it takes, whatever it takes, whatever discomfort I have to go through. Right? Whatever amount of time it takes me to research. Now there's a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And the other side of that is that the teacher will not appear until you are ready. Right. And so it takes preparedness, right?

It takes, it takes really digging in, digging in our heels and, and saying, you know what, no more right. No more giving away my power, no more, you know, being physically ill no more, you know, going through the day without passion, without passion. Like that is one of the greatest gifts and greatest gifts that we have in this human experience is the ability to experience, love the big, the ability to live with passion, right.

And, and joy and all of these connections. Right. All of these things. And so, you know, really UN, UN, UN, unshakable commitment to, to, to in creating a life that your future self will thank you for.

And then finding tools and using tools, you know, I mean, we, if we're here for, to learn these lessons and get to our next level, clearly we're going to meet given tools to support us in that. Right. I mean, plant medicine, right. Essential oils. I I've been teaching about essential oils for eight years now. I used to dream about essential oils.

Essential oils are all over the Bible. They're all over, you know, history is our tools, right? These are tools that, that we've been given and, and, you know, in history somehow have been maligned. Right. Or, you know, what I have found in my journeys is that everything, everything that would bring us in, like men has been either distorted made taboo, made fun of made illegal some way made inaccessible either physically inaccessible or emotionally inaccessible, because we've been told that it's it's bad somehow.

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