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Brain Flip Weight Loss, Cravings, and Binge Eats with David Zappasodi – The Bledsoe Show #121

David Zappasodi has been a weight loss professional for over 22 years, is an International Bestselling author, and is the founder of Brain Flip Weight Loss. His approach, called “brain flipping,” is...

Erotic Blueprint and Multiple Orgasms with Larry Frederick – The Bledsoe Show #120

Larry Fredrick is an award winning international educator. He’s also a sex coach; licensed and certified in Erotic Blueprint, Sexological bodywork, Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Somatic Sex...

Better Ways To Train and Eat with Laurie King & Bryan Boorstein – The Bledsoe Show #119

Bryan Boorstein is the founder of Evolved Training Systems; evidence-based programming that bridges the gap between functional fitness and physique-style training . Bryan has spent the last 22+ years lifting...

Brooks Meadows: Honoring Chris Moore and The Power Of Recess – The Bledsoe Show #118

Brooks Meadows is the host of Barbell Buddha Rediscovered where he shines light on Chris Moore who, before his passing, left a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom about strength, family, philosophy...

Sakura Kokumai: Primed To Be An Olympic Champion — The Bledsoe Show #117

Sakura Kokumai is training to become a karate World Champion and to represent USA in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Sakura started karate in Honolulu, Hawaii when she was 8 years old. She started competing...

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