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Ayahuasca, Self-awareness, and The Soltara Experience with Scott Hussa

In this episode, we have Scott Hussa, facilitator and Director of retreats at Soltara. Soltara's mission is to empower you in becoming fully embodied through working with the Amazonian plant medicine...

Limitless Potential with Kettlebell, Finding The Flow, and Instagram Marketing with Marcus Martinez

In this episode, we have Marcus Martinez. Marcus is all things Kettlebell. He is a Master Coach for Living Fit, and has online courses that provide unconventional training in Kettlebell. We talked about the...

Finding Your Purpose As You Age, Responsibility, and Meditation with Johg Ananda

In this episode, We have my good friend Johg Ananda. I met him at Burning man and he's the founder of Jambo CBD. Jambo Superfoods makes the world’s highest quality hemp oil CBD products. All natural...

Breathe Better For Better Workouts with Patrick Mckeown – The Bledsoe Show #123

Patrick McKeown is an international best-selling author of The Oxygen Advantage and creator and master instructor of the Oxygen Advantage® technique. Having suffered from asthma, rhinitis and sleep-disordered...

Burning Man, Consent, and The Butt That Went Viral with Maelyn – The Bledsoe Show #122

FMaelyn is a certified yoga instructor, energetic healer, and the founder of Pop-up Yoga Productions: creating concept-oriented yoga experiences. She is a mover and shaker, a full-time truth seeker, an ongoing...

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