The Bledsoe Show

Decentralized Science

In this episode, Kyle Bergquist and I go into a deep dive on decentralized science for precision wellness, the meaningful insights being generated by people doing studies on themselves, and the exciting...

Knowing When To Fight Hard

Problems are inevitable for us in life. The thing that’s individual about them is how they present themselves. The adversity, obstacle, challenge or roadblock is going to be individualized for your current...

Discovering Truth in Life

This episode is for courageous people only. The topics we discuss in it are going to challenge you deeply.Josh and I touch on deep Truths that many people would rather distract themselves from than face them...

The Little Known Powers Of Ice Baths

Ice baths have expanded into wider markets in recent years with the emergence of Wim Hof & others preaching their benefits for the masses. And yet, despite this increase in demand, affordable alternatives...

How & Why Doing “Dad Work” Will Change The World

From addiction, anxiety, directionlessness, depression, and anxiety to the creation of a culture of blamethrowers and victims – a light has been shone in the past few years on the desperate need for...

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