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Is Drinking Pee Good for You?

We’ve got another great episode coming at you with the passionate Heidi Sime, and this one is a fun one because this time we’re talking about the wild concept of urine therapy. Do you remember Bear Grylls...

Thriving vs Surviving

We have another great episode coming at you. This time we’re talking with holistic personal trainer and author of Finally Thriving: Your Guide to Empowered Wellness, the wonderful Allison Pelot. A lot of...

Nuances of Nutrition

In this episode, I talk with Jeremiah Dupin, international entrepreneur and founder of Poke Poke UAE.Jeremiah shares with us how his experience with chronic illness led him down a path to nutrition obsession...

Your Brain on Nootropics

In this episode, I talk with the inexhaustible Mr. Noots as we discuss nootropics, and have some fun along the way. Mr. Noots talks about his life from selling novelty test tube babies as a kid to buying his...

Decentralized Science

In this episode, Kyle Bergquist and I go into a deep dive on decentralized science for precision wellness, the meaningful insights being generated by people doing studies on themselves, and the exciting...

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