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The Journey to Our Identities

Stories. Ever since the days we sat around campfires & painted on cave walls – they’ve been the vehicle through which we communicate and make sense of the world & our place within it. Society has...

Lessons Learn From Hunting & Death About Life

Lessons Learn From Hunting & Death About LifeHunting is one of those activities & topics that creates polarization amongst people. It’s a natural part of life that’s vital to the survival of our...

Experiencing Life Fully

Recreating Beauty from The AshesA life fully lived & experienced… what does that even mean?What does it look like? Is it a picture of beauty, magic, and love without the need for pain, destruction &...

The System of Addiction to Authority, Trauma, Dopamine & God

Addicted To Authority & Happy About ItTo be sovereign and to be your own authority is a high responsibility that requires the utmost of self-responsibility. You can only be so accountable to yourself at a...

Breaking Social Norms

Don’t walk on the grass. Don’t talk back to people of authority. Don’t wear a scientist’s jacket and light-up sneakers to the airport as you’ll look like an idiot… Who made these rules? Who said these...

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