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Creating Safety and Integrating Fear with Guy and Ilan Ferdman of Satori Prime

Why People Go To Satori Prime? Mike: You guys run Satori Prime. Let's let Ilan talk, since he hasn't been on the show before. Quick, 30 second, why do people love you? Ilan: I think we take a lot of...

How To Shape Your Mind with Mark England

Mark England is back to share the common stories that are popping up with his clients in light of Covid 19, language , breathwork, and how you can shape your mind. Table Of Contents The Client Has Their...

Applying the Strong Coach to parenting and relationships with Jarrod Davis

In this episode, I'm with Mr. Jarrod Davis. We're at The Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. One of the things you should know about Jarrod is he's one of our coaches for The Strong Coach. We talk...

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Functional Capacity with Dr. Richard Ulm

Currently the owner of and a treating physician at the Columbus Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Richard Ulm came to the medical profession after a successful career as an...

Strengthening Immunity And The Case For Meat with Paul Saladino

Dr. Paul Saladino serves up in-depth information regarding the nutritional value of meat. In addition, we discuss strategies for improving your own immune function. Dr. Saladino is the leading authority on the...

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